Landscaping Software Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs in landscaping can be a profit-making opportunity for those looking to earn extra income while promoting valuable products and services.

These programs allow individuals to partner with landscaping and related companies, earning commissions for each successful referral or sale they generate.

In this article, we’ll explore a range of affiliate programs in the landscaping industry, each offering unique products and opportunities.

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From CRM software to garden planters, a wide array of options suit different interests and audiences. Join us as we dive into these programs, discussing their commissions, tracking cookies, product offerings, and conversion potential.

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, a tech-savvy marketer, or simply looking for new ways to monetize your online presence, these landscaping software affiliate programs have something to offer.

Top Affiliate Programs– Software & Service Based

1. Jobber (Business Management)

Jobber, a cloud-based field service management software system, enables small and medium service firms to manage field workers, offer customer assistance, and expand business operations.

Jobber, a service business solution, offers interchangeable tools like an integrated CRM, expense tracking, real-time scheduling and dispatching, invoice creation and billing, automatic emails, online booking, client reminders, a self-service client hub, quoting, and many others. Jobber supports more than 50 different service industries.

Jbber program for landscaping affiliates

The Jobber scheduling module’s time-tracking functionality enables users to update any job in real time with information on tasks performed and project status so management can efficiently monitor field staff.

Their products and services range from $69 to $349.

Use your connections in the field and the home service industry to introduce your target audience to Jobber’s award-winning software. Refer small company owners using your special affiliate link to make money, participate in promotions, and get advice on how to be a successful affiliate partner.

2. Service Autopilot (CRM App)

A single piece of software called Service Autopilot was created specifically for your lawn care company.

With Service Autopilot CRM, you can automate a wide range of everyday tasks, including instant invoicing, automatic routing, estimates in-office, same-day payments, GPS tracking, and many more.

Service autopilot affiliate

With their customized forms, integrated marketing tools, and automation, you can sell more work and move more quickly.

Regardless of your stage of development or the size of your lawn care company, Service Autopilot can help you expand.

The prices for their products range from $49-$309 with additional signup fees, which range from $97-$275.

To enroll in their affiliate program, you must complete the form with information from your friend or colleague.

To find out if your friends are interested in Service Autopilot, their product professionals will get in touch with them.

Service Autopilot will pay you up to 10% of your referral’s first month’s Membership fees if they sign up for Service Autopilot and stay for at least 90 paid days.

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3. QuickBooks Online (Invoicing/Billing Software)

QuickBooks is one of small enterprises’ most popular accounting programs.

QuickBooks can be a good solution without breaking the bank, whether you wish to abandon manual bookkeeping, your spreadsheets have turned into a multi-headed hydra, or you need a better option than your existing program.

Quickbooks affiliate

You may access your accounting records from anywhere anytime by utilizing QuickBooks Online to maintain your books in the cloud. Additionally, this service provides billing capabilities.

The prices for their products range from $24-$160.

Current and future Intuit (Intuit is the parent company of QuickBooks) partners and affiliates can provide QuickBooks to their clients through the QuickBooks Affiliate Programme.

Affiliates who offer QuickBooks financial software display the QuickBooks logo on their website and get compensated for referrals.

They give your clients a deal on a variety of QuickBooks goods.

Orders are taken and shipped, and customer service is handled by Intuit. All you have to do is post marketing materials that have been approved by Intuit on your website.

You can effortlessly keep tabs on every sale daily with our online Affiliate Toolkit! You could get up to 10% of the sales that come from your website as a commission.

4. FreshBooks (Invoicing/Billing Software)

A wide range of invoicing options are available through FreshBooks, making it simple to create, distribute, and track your clients’ invoices.

You may now produce a new invoice on a single screen, something that wasn’t always available with other products.

The modification options are also simple to use, making it simple to develop a branded design that keeps your business at the forefront.

Freshbooks affiliate

Even the majority of beginners will be OK with setting up an account, producing, and sending invoices because the FreshBooks UI is so easy to use.

Your dashboard has all the information you require, including tools for managing projects, tracking business spending and time, and producing proposals for potential customers.

The prices for their products range from $17-$48.

The way that FreshBooks Affiliate Commissions are set up will maximize your earnings from your top leads. Every trial enrollment and every upgrade to a paid plan earns you money.

  • Commission Offered: Earn up to $10 USD per free trial, plus up to $200 USD per paid
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days
  • Sign Up Link: FreshBooks Affiliate Program

5. Wave (Finance Tracker)

With features including invoicing, billing, payment tracking, finance management, payroll administration, credit card processing, and receipt scanning, Wave is an online accounting program.

The goal of Wave Accounting is to help businesses automate their bookkeeping procedures. Wave’s bank reconciliation solutions enable enterprises to manage all credit card and bank account information in real-time, improving the accuracy and efficiency of their bookkeeping.

Wave affiliate

Additionally, businesses can create reports containing various information, including sales tax, a balance sheet, cash flow, profit/loss, and more.

The dashboard for Wave has an invoicing function that collects invoice payments. Small business owners can choose from a variety of customizable invoice templates based on their unique business needs.

The prices for their products range from $0-$379.

You’re the ideal candidate for their affiliate program if you’re a person with a subscriber base on social media or a newsletter or if you own a website with visitors from the US or Canada who come to you for advice on small businesses, finances, or business software.

  • Commission Offered: NA (You will get to know about this after joining their referral program)
  • Cookie Duration: NA
  • Sign Up Link: Wave Apps Affiliate Program

6. FieldEdge (Tracking/ Fleet Management)

HVAC, plumbing, electrician, and other home service companies can use FieldEdge by Xplor, a cloud-based field service management solution.

With capabilities like customer support, scheduling and dispatch, invoicing, service agreement development, client history monitoring, personalized reports and analytics, and more, field service software enables businesses to conduct their operations remotely.

Fieldedge affiliate

For technicians, FieldEdge also includes a native mobile app that gives them access to their items, tasks, services, and materials wherever they are.

The program also includes a configurable price book that aids technicians in offering consumers several pricing alternatives and helps businesses manage income collected.

To learn more about their pricing of products and services, you can book a demo with their team and get to know about the pricing.

You must be a current FieldEdge client or an authorized third-party referrer, and you must submit a W-9 to benefit from the referral program FieldEdge offers.

Every recommendation you make to FieldEdge that satisfies the requirements (becoming a customer and using FieldEdge for 90 days) will earn you a cheque for the prize.

When your referral has used the software for 90 days, you will get a $1,000 payment to your company.

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7. Service Fusion (Landscaping Estimation Software)

A web-based field service management tool, Service Fusion, provides several functions like customer management, billing and payment processing, inventory control, time tracking, and reporting.

Using pre-populated product and service line items, Service Fusion enables users to quickly develop estimates and job confirmations. It also tracks referral sources and assigns jobs to sales employees for commission computation.

Service fusion affiliate

Users can text job details to field workers’ mobile phones or use the mobile web app to send them using the drag-and-drop dispatch grid.

Users may update the accounting system, execute payments, and issue invoices for job orders with a single click. Automatic invoice synchronization is supported by Service Fusion.

The prices for their products range from $195-$495.

You can join their referral for free, and after joining the referral program, you’ll obtain a special link to provide to your friends.

On every referral that converts into a customer at a rate of 10% per conversion, you can receive residual commissions for 12 months. On their website, they don’t specify how long cookies last.

8. Servicetitan (Contractors Software)

With robust tools that boost sales, motivate your team, and offer real-time information, ServiceTitan is the top all-in-one software solution for residential and commercial landscaping service organizations.

With the help of their software, you may accomplish more, simplify challenging jobs, and exercise total control over each action.

Using leaderboards to promote competition and boost sales, you can use ServiceTitan to monitor the success of your technicians and comfort consultants.

Their software will discover areas of your company that might be improved, including how to find particular employee training.

Servicetitan affiliate

If we talk about their pricing, they are offering three packages: Starter, Essentials & The Works. You can request to know more about the pricing with their team.

If we talk about the referral program, you will receive extra each time a referral registers for ServiceTitan. Earn $1,000 for each referral at first, then keep going to reach $10,000 for each successful sign-up! A Tesla Model 3 will be awarded to the year’s top referral, which is one more intriguing perk for you.

  • Commission Offered: $500 if your referral attends a demo (For at least 30 days) and $1000 for successful signup.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Sign Up Link: Service Fusion Affiliate Program

9. Yardbook (Scheduling)

A complete business management system for the landscaping sector is called Yardbook. A variety of services are available, including CRM, scheduling, billing, reporting, expense management, and more.

It is best for small businesses or those just starting out because Yardbook has many of the features of paid lawn care scheduling software without the costs.

Yardbook affiliate

Business owners interested in Yardbook should do so if they seek affordable, efficient software. Although Yardbook has a paid edition, a smaller firm can get by with the free version without needing to upgrade.

The prices for these products range from $0-$49.

If you tell a friend about Yardbook and they sign up for a paid plan, They give you a free 3-month subscription to their premium business package. You can invite up to 4 friends and get a free subscription for up to 12 months (a $400 value)!

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10. Thimble

You didn’t start your ideal company for the excitement of insurance shopping.

Thimble makes a concerted effort to simplify insurance, quicker, and more readily available—whether you just got your business off the ground in your garage this morning or are marking ten years in business.

As a result of our expansion, we can now provide a comprehensive spectrum of coverages by job, month, or year for more than 300 different types of small businesses, including the landscaping and lawn care industry.

Costs for lawn care insurance range from $8 per hour to $43 per month. The location of your business, your coverage limit, the size of your crew, and the duration of your policy are all taken into account when calculating your premium.

Thimble affiliate

You can become one of the many affiliates who use Thimble to earn money. You may earn money from your internet presence by providing small company insurance to your clients on a job, monthly, or annual basis.

More than 300 different small enterprises can get insurance with Thimble. Are there any owners of small or large landscaping businesses in your readership who would gain from having access to their commercial insurance?

There is no cap on how much you can make in a single month, and their standard payment is $30* (subject to change depending on audience, performance, etc.) for each qualified lead.

Landscaping Affiliate Marketing Conclusion

In the world of affiliate marketing, the landscaping industry presents a fertile ground for potential earnings.

From CRM apps like Jobber and Service Autopilot to invoicing and billing software like QuickBooks and FreshBooks, there are options to suit a range of interests.

Remember, the key to successful affiliate marketing lies in choosing programs that resonate with your audience and align with your content.

By nurturing these partnerships and optimizing your strategies, if passive income from a lawn care affiliate program is your goal, you can cultivate a fruitful stream of these programs while enhancing the value you provide to your readers or followers.

So, pick the programs that best suit your niche and audience, sow the seeds of affiliate marketing, and watch your earnings flourish. Happy affiliate gardening!

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