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Best Landscaping Apps for business owners and professionals

In today’s digital age, where technology plays an integral role in various industries, it comes as no surprise that the world of landscaping is also benefiting from innovative solutions. Landscaping business owners and professionals now have access to a range of apps specifically designed to simplify and streamline their operations and grow their businesses.

These landscaping business apps are not only simple and attractive in design, but they also offer an intuitive user interface that makes them easy to understand and navigate.

By harnessing the power of these apps, landscaping professionals can enhance their efficiency, manage projects effectively, and ultimately provide exceptional services to their clients.

Let’s now explore the various apps available for landscaping professionals and business owners.

1. CRM πŸ”—

For landscapers and business owners to effectively manage their client connections, track prospects, and simplify their operations, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps are crucial tools.

Landscaping apps for business: crm 6 benefits infographic
source: icontact

Here are two well-liked CRM programmes for landscape contractors:

-> Jobber

Key features

  • A wide range of features designed especially for landscaping companies are available through Jobber.
  • It offers resources for managing client communications, managing bids and invoices, scheduling and dispatching jobs, and tracking time and expenses. 
  • Additionally, Jobber interacts with widely used programs like Stripe and QuickBooks.

Pricing: Jobber offers a variety of price tiers, with the Core plan starting at $29 per month and going all the way up to the Grow plan at $99 per month. For bigger businesses, there are additional unique pricing options available.

Platform availability: Both iOS and Android 

Review: Jobber is renowned for its intuitive workflow and user-friendly interface. The automated email and SMS notification services for customer communication are greatly valued.

-> Service Autopilot

Key features

  • Service Autopilot was created especially for service-based enterprises like landscaping. 
  • Its features include job monitoring, billing and payment processing, marketing automation, scheduling and routing optimization, and personnel management.

Pricing: Service According to the amount of active clients, Autopilot provides price packages starting at $47 per month for up to 200 active clients and going up to $199 per month for up to 2,000 active clients. For bigger businesses, there are additional custom plans available.

Platform availability: Android and iOS

Review: When it comes to properly utilizing all of Service Autopilot’s sophisticated features, some users find the learning curve to be extremely high.

2. Invoicing/Billing 🧾

For Canadian landscapers and business owners looking to improve their financial procedures, invoice and billing software have become crucial tools. A variety of functions are available in these apps to support managing invoices, tracking payments, and facilitating transactions.

Tips for making better invoices infographic
Source: InvoiceOwl

Here are two well-liked invoicing/billing software for Canadian landscapers and business owners:

-> QuickBooks Online

Key Features

  • A complete accounting programme with strong invoicing and billing tools 
  • Can email invoices to customers and check on their payment status.
  • Automated payment reminders and set up recurring invoices for repeat customers.
  • QuickBooks Online also interfaces with bank accounts and credit cards.

Pricing: In comparison to alternative invoicing tools, some users believe QuickBooks Online’s pricing options to be on the costly side.

Platform availability: Web, iOS and Android 

Review: Multiple pricing tiers are available for QuickBooks Online, with the Simple Start tier, which covers fundamental invoicing functions, costing about $20 CAD per month.

-> FreshBooks

Key features

  • Customized templates.
  • Automated invoicing capabilities like recurring invoices and reminders for automatic payments.
  • Can track billable hours and expenses 

Pricing: FreshBooks has a number of pricing tiers, with the Lite planβ€”which comes with only the most fundamental invoicing featuresβ€”starting at about $15 CAD per month.

Platform availability: Web, Android and iOS

Review: Project management and CRM software are just a couple of the business tools that FreshBooks can be integrated with.

3. Estimating πŸ“Ÿ

Landscape estimating apps have been developed as useful tools for landscapers and business owners. These tools speed up the process of developing precise project estimates, resulting in time savings and effective cost control. Whether it’s softscaping or hardscaping, the ideal app would let you calculate costs for both and serve the estimate to your customers.

Landscape estimating software
Source: PlanSwift

Here are two well-known estimate apps for Canadian landscapers, along with a summary of their main attributes, associated costs, and platform accessibility:

-> iScape

Key Features:

  • Can build virtual landscape designs using a photo of the client’s outside environment.
  • iScape gives users the option to create expert proposals and distribute them to clients.

Pricing: A free version of iScape with fewer features is available. The Pro version is available for $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year.

Platform availability: iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android

Review: iScape might be more concerned with design and visualization than with sophisticated estimating capabilities. Some consumers might find the Pro version’s price to be a little steep.

-> LMN

Key Features

  • Helps to create accurate estimates
  • Can create professional proposals and presentations using your branding
  • Can track job costs, manage labor hours, and capture client signatures electronically

Pricing: LMN is accessible for free as well as through the following two additional pricing tiers. Simple: $197 each month. Pro: $357 per month.

Platform availability: iOS and Android

Review: The app offers thorough reporting and analytics to track the performance of your business.

-> Jobber Landscape Estimating

Key features

  • Designed with landscaping project estimation and quotation in mind. 
  • It supports customisation with business branding and pricing templates and provides tools for making precise quotes, including material and labor expenses.

Pricing: Jobber Landscape Estimating is a platform add-on that is offered. Pricing for the add-on varies according to the user’s Jobber subscription plan and starts at $15 per month.

Platform availability: iOS and Android platforms

Review: It functions as an add-on to Jobber but necessitates a platform subscription, making it unsuitable for companies who currently use other applications.

4. Finance πŸ’Έ

Mobile apps can be immensely helpful for Canadian landscapers and business owners when it comes to handling their finances. They make managing financial tasks more convenient, organized, and effective. The following list of finance mobile apps is targeted exclusively towards Canadian business owners and professionals in the gardening industry:

Landscaping accounting finance software
source: Wave

-> Wave

Key features

  • It has functions including billing, tracking expenses, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting. 
  • Additionally, it allows connectivity with payment processors for online payments and receipt management capabilities.

Pricing: Wave offers optional paid add-ons for payroll and premium support in addition to its free use.

Platform availability: iOS and Android

Review: The major benefit of Wave is its affordability, as it provides a full range of accounting tools without charging a penny. It is easy to use and offers great choices for customizing invoices.

-> Xero

Key Features

  • Invoicing, financial reporting, and inventory management are provided
  • You can track projects, manage cash flow and interact with corporate software

Pricing: Different Xero pricing tiers begin at about CAD 13 per month, with higher tiers providing more sophisticated features and capabilities.

Platform availability: iOS and Android 

Review: Higher-tier plans may be too expensive for some customers, and there may not be as many possibilities for invoice personalization.

5. Maintenance πŸ”

There are a number of maintenance apps available to Canadian business owners and professionals in the landscaping industry that can help organize operations, boost productivity, and raise client satisfaction. Here are the well-liked upkeep apps created especially for Canadian landscape contractors:

-> ScaperSoft

Key features

  • Organize the dispatch of work and the distribution of tasks among your team members.
  • Management of customers: Keep track of communications, handle follow-ups, and save customer information.
  • Accounting for spending, creating invoices, and controlling payments.
  • Monitoring equipment, supplies, and inventory levels are part of inventory management.

Pricing: A single user’s monthly fee for ScaperSoft’s various pricing plans begins at $49 per month.

Platform availability: iOS and Android 

Review: According to some users, the reporting and analytics features should be more robust. There can also be restrictions on customizing choices.

-> ServiceBridge (Now GPS Insight)

Key features

  • Assign and track jobs in real time while dispatching them to maximize efficiency.
  • Tracking work orders allows you to keep tabs on their development and execution.
  • Send automated updates and notifications to customers as part of customer communication.
  • Create and maintain custom forms and checklists for use in fulfilling job requirements.
  • Offline mode: Update and access data even when there is no internet connection.

Pricing: ServiceBridge provides pricing options based on the necessary functionality and user count. The monthly price is $69 to start.

Platform availability: Android and iOS devices

Review: The customizing choices might be constrained, according to some users. Additionally, more expensive plans could be necessary for some advanced features.

6. Management (Business) πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό

For Canadian landscapers and business owners, several management smartphone apps can help organize operations, boost productivity, and improve customer service.

Landscaping management
source: scapersoft

Here are two well-known apps, along with a list of their main attributes, costs, locations, and some benefits and drawbacks:

-> LawnPro

Key features

  • Management of work orders: Create and assign work orders, monitor job progress, and see tasks that have been completed.
  • Send clients automated updates and notifications regarding the status of their jobs and appointment reminders.
  • Monitoring and controlling inventory levels, ordering supplies, and creating purchase orders.
  • Reporting and analytics: Produce reports on employee productivity, sales, and outlays for strategic planning.

Pricing: LawnPro provides price packages starting at $25 per month for a single user. Higher-tier packages include more features.

Platform availability: iOS and Android devices

Review: Positives include a user-friendly interface, thorough work order management, and practical inventory management features.

-> DynaSCAPE Manage360

Key features

  • It has functions including project management, scheduling and dispatching, estimating and bidding, and financial tracking. 
  • The programme also has features for managing inventories, creating thorough reports, and tracking project expenses.

Pricing: Customized pricing is offered by DynaSCAPE Manage360, depending on the unique requirements of each company. The DynaSCAPE sales staff can be contacted for pricing details.

Platform availability: Android and iOS platforms

Review: The pricing structure can be prohibitive for smaller companies with tighter resources. Some users find the app interface challenging and may need more instruction to get the most out of its features.

7. Tracking/ Fleet Management πŸ›°οΈ

For Canadian landscapers and business owners, tracking mobile apps can be quite useful for controlling operations, boosting efficiency, and enhancing customer service.

Landscaping fleet manamgement
source: invers

Here are the well-known applications created expressly for this purpose:

-> FieldEdge

Key features

  • Key capabilities include scheduling, dispatching, work order management, and customer relationship management. 
  • FieldEdge is largely geared toward service management.Β 
  • Additionally, it has GPS tracking and billing features.

Pricing: FieldEdge provides tailored pricing plans based on company needs.

Platform availability: There are iOS and Android versions of FieldEdge.

Review: The landscaping industry is one for which FieldEdge is especially suited. It offers a simple user interface, effective scheduling, and powerful client management tools.

-> LawnGuru

Key features

  • LawnGuru specializes in bringing together people looking for lawn care services and landscaping contractors. 
  • It offers a simple user interface for taking service requests, giving estimates, setting up appointments, and controlling payments.

Pricing: Depending on the service type and region, LawnGuru charges a service fee for each work that is finished.

Platform availability: iOS and Android

Review: LawnGuru offers a practical platform for growing the clientele and attracting new consumers. Depending on availability, it provides flexibility in accepting or rejecting service requests

8. Scheduling πŸ“…

For Canadian landscapers and business owners to effectively manage their work and streamline their operations, scheduling smartphone applications have become crucial tools.

Landscape scheduling
source: arborgold

Following are two widely used scheduling tools in the landscaping sector, along with a description of each one’s main attributes, associated costs, and platform accessibility:

-> Yardbook

Key features

  • Includes scheduling, billing, estimating, customer administration, and reporting. 
  • It allows customization with company branding and enables experts to produce quotations and invoices that appear professional.

Pricing: Yardbook provides a free version with constrained features. Starting at $9.99 per month, premium plans with extra features are available.

Platform availability: iOS and Android platforms
Review: Yardbook is a preferred option for small landscaping companies because of its low cost and capacity to provide expert quotations and invoices.

9. Apps for Designers/Architects πŸ“βœοΈπŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ

These mobile apps provide a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for designers to develop and alter landscape designs while on the go. Designers can make educated decisions regarding their designs because to their enormous collection of plants, trees, and materials appropriate to the climate and topography of Canada.

Landscape design plan created by app

-> Home Outside

Key Features

  • It has a lot of features, including the capacity to construct expert-looking 2D and 3D models, incorporate plants and outdoor structures, alter material selections, and generate thorough planting plans. 
  • The software offers capabilities for measuring distances and regions as well as for calculating precise cost estimates for landscaping jobs.

Pricing: Home Outside costs $9.99 for a single purchase.

Platform availability: iOS

Review: Android users cannot access Home Outside because it is only available on iOS smartphones. The app’s interface may first prove to be a little challenging for certain users to utilize.

-> PRO Landscape Home

Key Features

  • The programme has attributes like a sizable plant library, hardscape components, and several design layouts. 
  • It enables users to import photographs, develop unique layouts, make annotations, and provide precise material lists. 
  • Additionally, PRO Landscape Home gives users the option to make slideshow presentations and before-and-after visualizations.

Pricing: Although the software is free to download, using its more sophisticated features involves making an in-app payment. Depending on the requested features and amount of usage, the cost varies.

Platform availability: iOS and Android

Review: For some users, the expense of obtaining premium features via in-app purchases can be a deterrent. For people who are unfamiliar with landscape design tools, the programme may have a learning curve.

-> Garden Designer

Key Features

  • The user-friendly app Garden Designer allows landscape architects and designers to build unique garden designs. 
  • Users of the program may drag and drop plants, trees, and other objects into a grid-based canvas and have access to a giant plant library.Β 
  • Additionally, Garden Designer has tools like plant data, growth simulations, and a shopping list creation option. 
  • The app is made to help with small- to medium-sized gardens’ planning and design.

Pricing: Garden Designer costs $4.99 for a single purchase.

Platform availability: iOS

Review: Android users cannot now access Garden Designer because it is only available on iOS smartphones. When compared to more feature-rich landscape design tools, the app’s features could be scarce.


In conclusion, utilizing applications can be a game-changer for Canadian owners of lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal services in terms of growing their companies and streamlining their operations. The variety of apps that are readily available provides useful tools and resources to boost productivity, better customer service, and spur growth. 

Tip: Choose a software that helps you stay complaint with your landscaping insurance when needed.

The app ecosystem has solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of landscaping professionals, including project management apps to effectively track tasks and schedules, invoicing and billing apps for seamless financial management, and even weather forecasting apps for better planning and preparedness. Business owners may keep ahead of the competition, provide top-notch service, and eventually grow their companies by embracing these apps.

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