Top Product-based Lawn Care Affiliate Programs

The landscaping business isn’t just about cultivating gardens; it’s also about cultivating opportunities for lawn care affiliate marketers.

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, a sustainability advocate, or simply someone interested in the great outdoors, you can turn your passion into profit through affiliate programs.

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In this second article of our affiliate program series, we’ll explore a carefully curated list of affiliate programs tailor-made for those looking to tap into the landscaping and gardening niche to earn money through affiliates. These programs connect you with businesses that offer everything from eco-friendly garden products to organic seeds and landscaping supplies.

Each opportunity presents a chance to earn commissions while promoting products and services that resonate with gardening enthusiasts and homeowners.

So, let’s dig into the details and discover how you can join these affiliate programs to grow your income.

Top Lawn Care Affiliate Programs – Product-Based

1. Earth Easy

A family-run company called Eartheasy is dedicated to providing you with useful items and knowledge for sustainable living. Eartheasy is renowned for its dedication to eco-friendly businesses and for positively impacting the environment. Their offerings include anything from necessities for the house and garden to gear for the outdoors and travel.

This online store also collaborates with TerraPass, which supports international initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, and through its partnership with the Trees for the Future Foundation, it donates a tree for every order.

Earth easy affiliate

The prices for their products range from $10-$1000.

Brand evangelists and online influencers can make money by sending customers to Eartheasy through the affiliate program. Their affiliate program is managed through AvantLink. For content sites with a high average order value of $200, it offers a generous 90-day cookie window and pays commissions of 5% to 10% per sale.

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2. Garden Tower

Vertical planter systems from The Garden Tower Project allow you to grow vegetables and plants in confined spaces like your terrace. You can turn your kitchen trash into organic vegetables using the Garden Tower, the only planter system that mixes composting and nutrient recycling.

With just four square feet of space required, you may produce 50 plants or veggies in this stackable tower comprised of interconnecting parts. You have a relatively wide audience to work with for this lawn care affiliate program because most gardeners try vertical gardening.

Garen tower affiliate

The prices for these products range from $359

This affiliate program is ideal for garden, homesteading, survivalist, healthy living, or mom blogs whose readers wish to grow vegetables at home. Additionally, there is the chance to profit from their two-tier commission structure. So you stand to make up to 16% Per Sale, although their average commission payout is $35.56.

3. Click & Grow

Click & Grow is one of the most well-known companies that makes smart gardens. They have made a technology that allows anyone to grow fresh, GMO-free, pesticide-free food at home or the office without having to fertilize or water it often.

Self-sustaining indoor gardens, farms, and more than 70 different plant pods are available from Click and Grow. Every garden includes precisely calibrated automated lighting, fertilizer, and watering systems. Each set comes with a lamp, a quick start guide, and complementing plant pods based on the size of the garden; you can choose from three different colours.

They also provide an app that can turn you into a true expert on plants! You can grow organic, pesticide-free fresh produce and flowers all year long in Click & Grow indoor gardens.

Click and grow affiliate

The prices for these products range from  $10-240 for a single sale.

Affiliates of Click & Grow get 10% per sale in commission. This implies that you will receive a 10% per-sale commission for every sale your special affiliate link generates.

4. Urban Leaf

With Urban Leaf, individuals will learn how to cultivate at least some of their food again. They did it with a twist: The foundation of your indoor hydroponics system is an empty bottle. And they have such faith in them that they provide a “Green Thumb” guarantee. Your plant must flourish for them to replace it or give you a refund.

Urban leaf affiliate

Urban Leaf focuses on instructing humans in gardening, not machinery. While technology can be useful in gardening, they contend that using it excessively serves as a distraction. We lose the exact “experience” of gardening we aim to deliver because of too many gadgets.

Urban Leaf pays consumers and businesses to advertise their products through an affiliate program. Urban Leaf will send you a commission for any sales you make of that particular product. Affiliates of Urban Leaf get a commission of 14% on each sale. All products are subject to this charge, which presents a rich potential for those who successfully market Urban Leaf products to their audience.

5. Tractor Supply Co

Leading farm equipment retailers in both Canada and the US include Tractor Supply Company. With a presence in both nations, they provide a variety of products, including tractors, tractor parts, farm supplies, equipment, and more.

Tractor Supply Co (TSC) retailer sells maintenance supplies, tools, and equipment. They provide goods for lawns, gardens, trucks, tools, hardware, garages, horses, poultry, animals, lawns, outdoor living, and heating and cooling.

Tractor supply affiliate

Additionally, it sells apparel, gift cards, boots, shoes, toys, and clothing. Under the brand names Tractor Supply Company, Orscheln Farm and Home, and Petsense by Tractor Supply, TSC has retail locations and sells goods under those brands. Additionally, it makes goods sales on online storefronts.

The company has stores in both urban and rural areas.

6. Gardener’s Supply

The creator of an online storefront for gardening-related goods is called Gardener’s Supply. Customers may enjoy and succeed in their gardens thanks to the company’s online platform, which offers seed starting systems, composters, containers, garden and yard design, landscaping, pest control, watering, and presents inspired by nature.

Gardener supply affiliate

People who wish to unwind, do some mild exercise, or enjoy some fresh air may find gardening a terrific hobby. The north offers a variety of hardiness zones to advise gardeners properly. These zones serve to demonstrate to gardeners what kinds of trees, shrubs, and flowers can survive in various climates. This approach can be quite beneficial for beginners who wish to begin work on a garden due to the chilly temperature and short growing season.

Become a partner in your visitor’s gardening success to make money! Join their affiliate program and point your website traffic to Gardener’s Supply.

You can offer your website visitors the chance to buy composters, garden tools, holiday gifts, seed starting systems, or any of the thousands of cutting-edge gardening solutions from Gardener’s Supply Company, America’s leading gardening hard goods company, by placing text links, banner ads, or product links on your website.

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7. West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds is dedicated to sustainable agriculture that supports small-scale, local farmers as well as organic farming.

They feel that no dangerous synthetic chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, or pesticides should be used when growing their food.

They offer a large selection of organic fertilizers, gardening materials, and more than a thousand varieties of untreated, non-GMO, non-GEO, open-pollinated, and hybrid seeds.

West coast seeds affiliate

The Pacific Agriculture Certification Society has granted certification to West Coast Seeds (Registration number 16-205).

They all meet the CFIA and USDA purity requirements for the seeds they distribute and sell. West Coast Seeds cultivates good experiences for their cherished community while championing and celebrating locally grown food.

They also offer their 30 years of acquired organic gardening knowledge.

You may now join West Coast Seeds as a planting partner and begin earning money right away.

You’ll have access to information that identifies the most popular products on their website, which encourages you to share time-tested organic gardening techniques.

They are providing a 7% commission on all sales with cookie monitoring for 30 days.

8. SiteOne

SiteOne takes pride in knowing its clients and their industry more intimately than anyone else. Although it begins with simply knowing your name, it extends much further than that.

They analyze your obstacles, objectives, and expectations to address your demands in a way that no other supplier can.

You may bring your vision for your landscape to life with the assistance of their Stone Centre expertise! Learn about the newest styles and goods for outdoor life. Pick from a wide range of stunning natural stone collections and pavers from their catalogue.

Siteone lawn care affiliate program

They have the longest-running rewards programme in the business, and many people consider it to be the greatest. Use it to thank you and your team for a job well done while assisting your firm to flourish.

They’ll assist you in getting the most out of your time. As soon as you sign up, you’ll start accruing points.

Once you’ve reached the $10,000 minimum yearly purchase threshold, you can use your points to get incentives.

9. Lowe’s Canada

Dedicated to giving consumers the exceptional service, products, support, and value they need to maintain and improve their homes, Lowe’s is a home improvement store founded on customer experience.

There are thousands of products from the best brands you know and trust available at their more than 60 big box stores around the nation in every home improvement category.

As a tiny neighbourhood hardware store, Lowe’s had its start. Their guiding principle was to provide excellent customer service.

Since that time, Lowe has expanded to become one of the biggest home improvement merchants in the world, ranking as a Fortune 500 company with thousands of staff members. With the growth of Lowe’s, this amazing success story enters a new phase. The leading brands you know and trust provide thousands of goods at retail locations covering every aspect of lawn maintenance.

Lowes canada affiliate

Above everything else, Lowe’s is still a place where you’ll feel welcome, much like your first little hardware store. Lowe’s pleasant personal assistance is always available if you have a simple query or a complicated issue.

Now, you can enjoy working with the well-known brand of Lowe’s while giving your visitors easy access to our fantastic choice of lawn care & landscaping items, including brands that are only available at Lowe’s.

This will make your website more interesting and profitable. You only need to fill out their short application to join, and you can then start increasing your business’s profitability!


As we wrap up our exploration of affiliate programs in the landscaping business, it’s clear that this niche offers a verdant landscape of opportunities for affiliate marketers.

From eco-conscious products to innovative gardening solutions, the affiliate programs we’ve discussed provide a chance to earn commissions while promoting sustainable, garden-centric offerings to a Canadian audience.

Whether you have a green thumb or simply an interest in the world of gardening and landscaping, these affiliate programs can help you cultivate a source of income while sharing your passion.

If you’re ready to nurture your affiliate marketing journey and watch it bloom, consider joining one or more of these programs.

As the seasons change and gardens flourish, you can also create a rewarding partnership between your online presence and the world of Canadian landscapes with your affiliate marketing endeavours.

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