Top 11 Landscaping Franchise Canada Opportunities

Are you thinking about opening a landscaping franchise Canada? Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming due to the abundance of options. We’ve created a list of Canada’s top 13 Lawn Care and landscaping franchises. Our thorough guide can assist you in locating the best franchise opportunity to match your interests and financial capacity, whether you are an experienced businessperson or are just getting started.

Lawn care and landscaping companies offer a wide range of services for gardens and outdoor areas, such as mowing and fertilizing lawns, caring for plants and designing and building complicated features. A worker caring for lawns and gardens might trim bushes one day and build a path the next. In the summer, they might spend weeks mowing the ends of lawns.Β 

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From mowing and feeding lawns to caring for plants to designing and building intricate features, lawn care and landscaping businesses offer various services related to gardens and outdoor spaces. A lawn and landscaping expert might spend weeks on end mowing in the summer, prune bushes one day, and build a walkway the next.

πŸ“ˆπŸ” Top Lawn Care & Landscaping Franchise Canada Opportunities

Although landscaping businesses can easily run throughout the year, spring and autumn are typically their busiest seasons. Additionally, landscaping allows you to take the winters off while earning a full year’s worth of income in the months from spring to autumn. Some businesses may choose to specialize in a single service, such as lawn irrigation, and stake their claim in the market by providing it more effectively than anyone else.

Before making a franchise investment, it’s crucial to research different opportunities, think about your finances and financing options, carefully read the franchise agreement, consult with current and previous franchisees, and consider ongoing costs. The opportunity’s viability can also be evaluated, and a clear path to success can be ensured by creating a thorough business plan.

Landscaping Franchise investing can be a profitable opportunity, but before choosing, it’s crucial to weigh your options and conduct your research carefully. The top 13 Lawn Care and landscaping franchises in Canada are listed below.

1️⃣ Clintar

To cater to particular commercial, industrial, institutional, and private estate markets, Clintar Landscape Management offers Landscaping Franchise Canada opportunity. They provide clients with various essential services, including Landscape Maintenance and Landscape Design. For a one-time fee of $40,000, a franchise can use Clintar’s well-known name, resources, and systems. The total sum needed to launch a Clintar franchise is in the $300,000 range.

This investment pays for various things, including initial operational costs, staffing, marketing, and equipment. You must pay an 8.0% royalty fee based on your gross sales. This cost goes towards continuing assistance, instruction, and utilizing Clintar’s resources and brand.

Clintar alwn care franchise

If you decide to buy a Clintar lawn care franchise, you can expect to receive some of the following benefits:

  • A hectic but exciting beginning to understanding the fundamentals of the sector and business operations.
  • Office Organisation: Sales Programmes, Field Operations, Vehicle Choice, Insurance Coverage
  • On-site visits, estimating, classroom instruction, operations, marketing, financial control, and office systems are all part of ongoing support and training.
  • Prospecting programmes, direct mail and email marketing, telephone follow-up, and a national accounts programme are all used to build a business.
  • Discounts from Preferred Vendors – Guaranteed Lower Prices on Selected Brands Like GM, John Deere, And Cat.

They will help you understand the business effectively and get more out of your business with their two weeks of assistance, plus ongoing assistance with start-up procedures, sales, marketing, accounting, site selection, estimating, equipment selection, and day-to-day operations.

You will receive the following offers from them:

  • You can collaborate with renowned landscape architects.
  • Their franchise is more affordable than many other franchises because you can get it for low prices.
  • Excellent opportunities for community building and networking can help you grow your business.
  • You can earn money while living a flexible lifestyle while enjoying the outdoors!

Clintar Franchise Details

2️⃣ Clean Air Lawn Care (US)

The most cutting-edge green lawn care franchise in Canada and a pioneer in environmental business. They received numerous awards for their leadership in green energy and sustainable business practices. In the regions of Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, and Gordon Head, they provide clean-air garden care and landscaping services.

They charge a $15,000 initial franchise fee in exchange for access to their well-known brand, infrastructure, and resources. The total amount needed to launch their franchise is in the neighbourhood of $50,000. Equipment, staffing, promotions, and the start-up costs of operating the business are all covered by this investment. You are required to pay 5% of your gross sales as royalty fees.

Clean air yard care franchise

Here are some benefits you can expect if you choose to purchase a Clean Air Lawn Care landscaping franchise:

  • They only employ electric and battery-powered equipment.
  • Clean Air Yard Care has introduced a new 100% organic yard care programme.
  • Perfect for ornamental shrubs, lawns, and plants. Everything is blended locally in British Columbia and made to order. It is also organically grown!

One week of training in Victoria includes time spent learning how to quote and win contracts in your market to guarantee a consistent annual income. They offer coaching to ensure your business grows to the next level and weekly contact to help with business development.

Clean Air Lawn care franchise details (US)

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Before considering franchise opportunities, it’s essential to evaluate if franchising aligns with your goals and capabilities. Read this landscaping franchise buying guide to know more.

3️⃣ Enviro Masters Lawn Care

The company Enviro Masters Lawn Care takes pride in offering programmes for organic and environmentally responsible lawn care. Founded in 1987 by Martin Fielding, Enviro Masters. The business started as a small local enterprise in Caledon East, Ontario, and has since expanded into a successful lawn care chain with offices nationwide.

The requirement for a more environmentally friendly lawn care service is the main driver behind Enviro Masters’ growth. The business satisfies the requirements and needs of environmentally conscious people looking for an alternative to conventional lawn care. Offering specially created, personalized Organic & Enviro Considerate programmes is Enviro Masters. These programmes provide excellent and extensive greening, and truly amazing results are guaranteed.

Enviro master franchise

Here are a few excellent advantages you will receive from Enviro landscaping franchise:

  • Their turf specialists are skilled in all facets of turf management and have received professional training and licencing. They visit your franchise regularly to support you in a wide range of excellently helpful services, advice, and Free consultations.
  • As a franchise owner, you will be a part of a fantastic new approach to lawn care.
  • Enviro Masters has proudly specialized in Organic & Enviro Considerate programmes for communities worldwide for over 25 years!
  • For everyone’s enjoyment, Enviro Masters provides a very different approach and a more natural setting. They provide a clever solution for having a chemical-free lawn.
  • Enviro Masters takes great pride in tailoring programmes to the different soil, weed, and grass types and meeting the individual needs of each lawn.

A lot of instruction and assistance will be provided to you, including manuals and regular emails. An excellent environment for long-term growth is one where networking and team-building activities are frequent. As a result, head offices and other Franchisees can communicate freely.

Enviro Masters franchise details

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4️⃣ Jim’s Mowing

Are you considering opening a lawn-mowing company? Not sure if you want to work with a landscaping franchise or go it alone? With the systems and support of the world’s largest home services franchise system, Jim’s has assisted over 4,000 Franchisees in realizing their dreams. They will provide you with everything you need to turn your future dreams into reality; all you need to bring is a strong work ethic, optimism, and enthusiasm.

You can attend their entire 6-day training course for free (you only pay for your flights, meals, and on-campus lodging) and learn everything they know about operating a landscape maintenance business.

Spend ten days with them learning the tools, estimating the work, and completing it profitably, effectively, and economically. They will also give you the software and instruction you need at this time to run your business like a well-oiled machine. They’ll have you confidently scheduling jobs, billing clients, and collecting payments in no time!

If you are planning to join them, then you can expect the following wonderful advantages from their franchise:

  • A dependable brand that consumers know offers value
  • Professional marketing you can trust without spending a fortune
  • Systematic growth-producing support and proven systems.
  • Coaching that assists you in making wise decisions and prevents you from doing the opposite.
  • Price setting is an option.
  • Your schedule is up to you.
  • You can only take on jobs you enjoy.
  • With a single franchise and an unlimited work area.
  • One franchise can serve an infinite number of clients, employees, teams, and trucks.
Jaims mowing franchise

A new compact car costs more than the purchase of a Jim’s Mowing franchise. You can purchase a Jim’s Mowing franchise for $32,500.00 (through August 31, 2022), including brand access, advertising, digital marketing, systems, software, support, and professional coaching. It also comes with some ongoing fees, some of which are listed below:

  • Franchise fees are fixed at $707 per month, never a percentage of sales.
  • The advertising budget is $153. Every month, each Franchisee contributes to this fund to promote the brand and attract new customers.
  • $14.30 for each lead. They will send you fresh leads for $14.30 each whenever you need new clients. For all new Franchisees, the first 50 leads are free.
  • Their franchisees typically make between $200,000 and $1,500,000 per year (over a 10-month period), so their fees account for 0.5% to 4.2% of your total revenue. Much lower than the typical 10-12% franchise fee range.

Jim’s Mowing franchise details

5️⃣ Summit Property Group

The crisis-proof, innovative, and proven business opportunity with national expansion that was created for those with big dreams is Summit Property Group. They are pleased to bring their franchise opportunities to more Canadian provinces while upholding their dedication to the highest standards, established procedures, and open communication.

The company’s mission, “Inspiring Absolute Confidence,” is more than just a catchphrase; it is at the core of its culture and gives meaning and purpose to everything they do. As a result, they are constantly making efforts to guarantee that they have the tools, personnel, training, knowledge, and resources necessary to consistently meet or exceed the needs and expectations of their clients.

The franchise opportunities offered by Summit Property Group are ideal for first-time industry entrepreneurs and owner-operators of established landscape management firms or related businesses.

Summit property group franchise

Their strategies benefit franchisees because they operate in areas where customers need and are interested in the services. The following are some salient points to join them:

  • Business coaching to meet their expectations and focus on a higher level of business growth.
  • Advice on marketing that will move your company in the right direction
  • You and your employees will benefit from a training system to help you understand their procedures.
  • You have the confidence of those who trust them because they are well-known brands.

Are you prepared to expand your service offerings, become a part of the Summit Property Group family, and benefit from the well-known Summit Property Group brand? They are looking for the right people to join us as they grow nationally!

Summit Property Group franchise details

  • Summit Property Group’s official franchise page
  • Head office address: 2448 9 Ave SE, Calgary Alberta, T2G 0V7 Canada
  • Franchise Hotline: +877-669-1052
  • Franchise locations

6️⃣ The Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys offers residential and commercial lawn services, such as fertilization, pest and weed control, lawn and bed maintenance, and adding seasonal and local colour. The Grounds Guy began operations in 1987 with 10 employees and now operates 180 franchise locations across the United States and Canada.

The Grounds Guy is also a member of the Neighbourly business, which offers a wide range of home care services. This makes The Grounds Guy stand out from other businesses in the sector thanks to a solid backup and a wealth of resources and support.

With The Grounds Guys’ exclusive systems for managing landscape franchises, their franchisees can learn how to expand their customer base, outcompete their local competitors, and run a profitable and long-lasting landscape business.

For residential and commercial clients, The Grounds Guys offers services like landscape management, lawn and grounds maintenance, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and snow and ice removal. Because every one of their landscape franchisees is different, they choose the areas where they want to specialize.

The ground guys franchise

The following are some of the top justifications for picking The Grounds Guys:

  • A steady clientele: Unlike many home services, which call for infrequent visits, quality lawn care and landscaping services are performed weekly, giving your company a chance to profit from repeat clients.
  • Recession-resistant: Grass will continue to grow, and rain and snow will continue to fall regardless of the state of the economy.
  • In this executive ownership model, you oversee a lawn care service specialist team while cultivating enduring bonds with residential and business clients in your neighbourhood.
  • Offerings all year round: Although lawn care is frequently your “bread and butter” service, you may offer various seasonal services to satisfy your clients all year round.

Operators can create a completely new franchise territory, buy an existing franchise, or open a franchise location in an existing territory.

Between $82,820 and $202,470 is the estimated initial investment total, including a $35,000 franchise fee. Opening a Grounds Guy franchise only takes $50,000 in liquid capital!

Grounds Guys franchise details

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Before considering franchise opportunities, it’s essential to evaluate if franchising aligns with your goals and capabilities. Read this landscaping franchise buying guide to know more.

7️⃣ Weed man

Des Rice founded the company in 1970 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and it has been a franchise since 1976. Recently, there have been more than 350 locations. Along with typical residential landscaping, Weed Man strongly emphasizes proactive prevention and integrated pest management (IPM).

Weed Man Lawn Care has been creating outdoor yards and landscapes that its customers are proud to call home for over 50 years.

Weed Man has a lawn care programme for every lawn, including lawn fertilization, weed control, integrated pest management, and everything in between.

Their “Most Popular” lawn care programme is essential if you want to improve the health of your lawn. Nevertheless, because every lawn is unique, you might need more work done on yours throughout the season. During a scheduled visit, your Weed Man technician will inform you if anything unexpected occurs.

Weed man franchise

You will gain the following great benefits from Weed Man:

  • You will have sole ownership of the territory or territories you buy as a Weed Man franchisee.
  • You won’t ever need to be concerned about competing with other Weed Man franchisees for customers because their territories are entirely protected.
  • You’re never on your own, thanks to your initial training, ongoing seminars, and the ongoing assistance of your franchisor.
  • The Weed Man family will stop at nothing to ensure you receive the best instruction and preparation possible.
  • They created a cutting-edge, user-friendly computer system specifically for Weed Man.
  • Their system assists you in setting and meeting important success benchmarks and keeping track of what you’ve completed and what you have scheduled.
  • Landscaping Franchisees of the Weed Man brand benefit from extremely competitive volume pricing and payment terms based on anticipated system-wide purchases that are negotiated with suppliers.
  • The two pillars of support and training are the foundation for the success of Weed Man franchisees.
  • All facets of business operations, including administration, technical, marketing, business planning, and budgeting, are covered during their initial 7-day training at the corporate office.
  • Some of the biggest names in the green business are represented on Weed Man’s roster of regional franchisors.
  • Your franchisor is always just a phone call away and ready to offer you professional advice as your business takes off.

Franchisees can open a brand-new location or convert an existing business. The initial franchise fee for a single territory is $20,000, along with an initial investment of $69,490 and a capital investment of $103,700. Double territories are feasible to invest in, but only with an initial and capital outlay of $86,550 and $118,450, respectively.

Weed Man franchise details

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8️⃣ Plush Lawns (Canada)

They pride themselves on lawn care education and following the advice of professionals. Even when they know the proper methods, many lawn care businesses need to train their staff in them. In addition to knowing what the right steps are, They also make efforts that will be made to complete them as quickly as possible.

The team of Plush Lawns will do everything in their power to make your experience a positive one, all year long, with lawn maintenance and snow removal, whether you’re looking to develop or maintain your plush lawn.

The following are a few advantages of a Plush Lawns landscaping franchise:

  • The headquarters is responsible for all sales.
  • includes all machinery
  • Includes clients
  • In the summer, there are nearly new customers every month.
  • Anytime Availability

In exchange for the right to utilize their well-known brand, facilities, and assets, they demand a $20,000 initial franchise fee. Additionally, they included training while employed.

Plush Lawns Canada franchise details

9️⃣ Grand Oak Lawn and Landscape

Grand Oak offers a tested business model, professional advice, business planning, thorough operational manuals, and a flexible royalty programme. It has over 25 years of experience in grounds maintenance, natural lawn care, and snow removal.

With more than 35 years of expertise in snow removal, organic lawn care, and grounds upkeep. Grand Oak offers a tested business model, knowledgeable counsel, strategic planning, thorough operational manuals, and a customizable royalty scheme.

Grand oak lawn franchises

Grand Oak provides a thorough initial and ongoing training programme. You will receive one week of classroom instruction, three weeks of field training, and some ongoing training.

Grand Oak Lawn and Landscape is a business expanding quickly and setting itself up to become Canada’s go-to service provider.

In Canada, spending on lawns and gardens was estimated to be $4 billion last year, and the landscape business is still expanding at a rate that is among the fastest in the entire service sector.

They demand a $20,000 initial franchise fee in return for the right to use their well-known brand, facilities, and assets. Their franchise launch will require a total investment of at least $50,000.

This investment will pay for all the startup costs, equipment, staffing, promotions, and staffing for the business. You are required to pay 6% royalties based on your gross sales.

Grand Oak franchise details

πŸ”Ÿ Nutri Lawn

The team at Nutri-Lawn is made up of skilled experts who are committed to offering both home and business owners top-notch lawn care services.

The goal of Nutri Lawn is to assist you in achieving a thick, green, and healthy lawn that increases the value of your property and improves the general appearance of your clients’ outdoor areas.

They provide a wide range of services, including lawn care, weed control, insect control, and fertilizer services, because every lawn is different and needs specialized care to thrive.

They have the knowledge and tools necessary to do the job well, whether you need to maintain a small residential lawn or a sizable commercial property.

Nutri lawn franchise

A $40k investment is needed to open a nutrilawn landscaping franchise. The minimal net worth needed to open a location is $150,000. If you want to open a franchise, the minimum investment you can anticipate making is $80,000.

The highest amount of money needed to open a franchise is $90,000. You must pay the franchisor a franchise fee of $28,000 before you can become an owner.

NutriLawn franchise details

1️⃣1️⃣ The Gardener

Stop wasting your valuable time caring for your property and take advantage of The Gardener’s environmentally friendly and highly effective fertilizer and lawn care services.

Their solutions have a track record of success and immediately give you results. Their all-inclusive programmes include every treatment your turf requires to grow naturally.

Franchise Fee $25,000
Total Investment $60,000 – $125,000*

The Gardener franchise details

❓ Why should you opt for the franchise? πŸ€”

Most people have an underlying desire to be their boss. The best way to realize this dream is to open a landscaping franchise.

Franchise ownership enables you to operate your own company within the framework of an established business and under the protection of a well-known and reputable brand name.

It offers the best of both worlds in many ways. However, deciding what kind of franchise to purchase is not always simple.

Why franchise

Some people are set on a franchise in a particular sector of the economy, while others look for the kind of franchise that best fits their needs. Following are the top five advantages of lawn and garden franchises.

πŸ’ͺ Steady Work

You might assume that franchises in the lawn and garden industry suffer because they can only operate during certain seasons in colder climates. However, this is untrue. For starters, if you reside in a region with seasonal snowfall, many lawn and garden franchises provide snow removal and holiday lighting services, so there is still work to be done during the winter. Additionally, you’re probably going to have consistent work year after year.

Each year, grass grows more. Every year, trees and bushes grow. No matter how the economy is doing, some level of lawn maintenance will always be required. And when there is a drought, there are additional special requirements that lawn and garden franchises can meet. Overall, it’s a profession that is fairly stable.

πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ Flexibility

You have a lot of freedom in structuring your career and personal life as the sole proprietor of a lawn and garden franchise. You can choose when to work and set your hours. Lawn and garden franchises are not an emergency business, so you probably can’t work a graveyard shift (unless you have a client in a real graveyard, of course). Your schedule is flexible.

πŸ˜ƒ Affordability

Lawn and garden franchises are relatively inexpensive in the world of franchising. They are obviously not purchases you make on the spur of the moment; instead, they require thought and planning. In addition, many lawn and garden franchisees needed financing to buy their business, as is typical for many franchises in any sector. However, franchises in the lawn and garden industry are more affordable than other options. They frequently demand investments of $100,000–$200,000.

πŸƒ Fresh Air

Many lawn and garden franchise owners decide to run their businesses by themselves or with a small staff. As a result, many of them decide to handle most of the gardening and lawn care tasks themselves. You will get a lot of sunlight and fresh air if you choose this route for yourself. That is, for many, much preferable to spending the entire day at an office.

πŸ€‘ Vendor Discounts

It’s important to remember that lawn and garden franchises need a fair amount of equipment. Lawn fertilizer, pruning shears, weed eaters, lawn mowers, etc. These expenses may mount up. But the top lawn and garden franchises give discounts to suppliers. This entitles you to discounted prices on the necessary equipment, which is very beneficial.

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πŸ™Œ Pros & cons of starting your own lawn care business

Pros starting lawn care business
Pros of Starting a Lawn Care BusinessCons of Starting a Lawn Care Business
Lawns are widespread, ensuring a steady flow of potential clients.Finding workers due to the perception of the industry as labour-intensive is challenging.
The aging population and real estate market growth led to increased demand for lawn care services.Many individuals prefer indoor or technology-based jobs over outdoor labour.
The booming real estate industry enhances the value of landscaping services.Need to locate and hire employees with the right mindset for the industry’s demands.
Potential for recurring revenue due to ongoing lawn maintenance needs.High competition from numerous lawn care companies, some offering lower prices.
Offers opportunities to upsell additional services.Rival businesses might operate without proper licenses or insurance.
Rising real estate values drive the need for property maintenance and landscaping.Tough competition can be a deterrent for potential business starters.
Landscaping enhances curb appeal and property value.Lawn care work is often considered unexciting and less glamorous.
The interdependent relationship between real estate and lawn care industries.More appealing than industries perceived as innovative or tech-driven.

Confused? Read our franchise buying guide!

Before considering franchise opportunities, it’s essential to evaluate if franchising aligns with your goals and capabilities. Read this landscaping franchise buying guide to know more.

🀞 + & – of owning a landscaping franchise

Advantages of Owning a FranchiseDisadvantages of Owning a Franchise
You can have a business without creating a brand, business model, etc.Using an established brand means its reputation, good or bad, affects you.
Established brands are usually well-known, so you don’t have to build awareness.Customers might already have opinions about your business.
Franchise often covers marketing expenses to attract customers.Franchisees might have little freedom to create new products or branding.

βœ”οΈ Conclusion

Once a solid clientele is built up, the landscaping industry may become a reliable and lucrative one. Preparing for long-term investment is crucial because it heavily depends on the recurring revenue business model. Most franchisees with high revenue generation have been in business for over six years.

The transparency of the landscaping industry, where companies typically disclose their revenues and profit margins, which are significant factors for investors, is one of the benefits of investing in this industry.


Is licensing and franchising the same?

In a franchise arrangement, the franchisee owns the business. In essence, the franchisee manages the company for the franchisor for a fee. In a licencing arrangement, the licensee pays the licensor only for a particular product, possibly one for which the licensor has acquired patent rights.

Is licensing more expensive than franchising?

A licence will, therefore, be less expensive and complicated, granting you access to much less. Business owners will occasionally choose licencing agreements over franchising agreements due to the cost difference; however, these differ from one another and frequently apply to the same kinds of businesses.

What is a new business owner?

A business owner is a person who has financial and operational control over a company. Any organization that creates and offers products and services for a profit, including an online store or a freelance writer, is regarded as a business. Businesses can be run by a single person or a team of people.


  1. Landscaping franchises offer exciting business opportunities in Canada. What are the key factors to consider before investing in a landscaping franchise?

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