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Landscaping Trade Associations: The What & The Why

Landscaping Trade Associations are a platform for people or groups sincerely involved in the landscape Industry. These Associations help people upgrade their working skills and establish themselves in the Landscape Industry.

🌷 Relevance of the Landscaping Trade Associations

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As per the research of the website Statista, the market size of the landscape Industry of Canada increased dramatically from the year 2013, and it rose to the level of 13.75 US dollars by the year 2022. This figure implies that the growth in this industry is immense, and shortly, it will grow even more aggressively. It also implicates the low and high levels of “demand and supply theory,” which would lead to some companies levelling up against the competitor companies. 

The Landscaping Trade Associations’ relevance lies in how such associations become the guiding lights of the companies (their members). The association becomes a propulsion force in carrying forward the member companies or individuals and helps them establish themselves and gain momentum in the sizeable market Landscape. 

The more the market size increases, the more challenges arise in front of the companies, such as higher service expectations or policy changes affecting the industry. The landscaping trade associations are crucial in encouraging its members by helping them cope with big or small challenges. 

𖦹 Challenges the Landscape Industry Faces in Canada

The Landscape Industry in Canada has been confronting some challenges in every segment, whether it is Snow and Ice Management, Nursery, or the general landscape.

  • Getting professionally trained labour
  • The emerging costs due to logistics and strained supply chain
  • Competition from affordable rival companies
  • Obtaining and maintaining the required tools
  • The challenge of maintaining the company’s cash flow
  • Increase in insurance costs and insurance companies dropping contractors.

Challenges can be overpowering if people in this industry do not take steps to upgrade their skills. An instance of snow and ice management has been becoming problematic in the past few years. This problem is due to the need for more advanced tools or equipment. So, in the next section, we study how the trade associations are trying to overcome these challenges and develop this industry. 

🌸 Contribution of Landscaping Trade Associations to the Growth of Industry

Landscape Trade Associations have done immense work for Canadian society. The bygone eras also witnessed the beautification and comfortable living of the landscape industry. In this era, we have far better scenarios regarding the trade associations. 

Landscaping trade associations help the people of this industry develop the skills required to cope with modern landscaping requirements. With the evolution of technology, people expect results beyond their imaginations. Some would love to have an exclusive outdoor look but with inexpensive material.

Others might be interested in finding the best means to deal with the frozen snow in front of their houses. 

People have become more specific with more giant dreams, and the common masses have become more aware with time.

Awareness defines the landscape industry in the modern era. So, to cope with all such things, the Landscape Trade Associations provide support to the members of the Landscape of Industry in the form of various services and products. 

🙌 The Benefits of Joining a Landscape Trade Association

  • The members’ professional development is a practical and immediate benefit.
  • Promotion of the services of members
  • Provision of discounts on advertising through the trade associations 
  • Varied certifications for landscaping
  • Creating networks far and wide, inside and beyond the industry
  • Business growth is an obvious outcome of getting associated with such groups. 

Deciding which Landscape Trade Association to join? Many such associations nationwide exist. Have a look at a few of them.

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🔝 Top Trade Associations

1️⃣ Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association

Landscaping trade association: landscape alberta

Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association was established in the year 1957. It is a non-profit organization primarily helping people build beautiful and meaningful outdoor landscapes. Currently, this organization has its sister concern entitled the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, which is working at the National level.

📅 Events being conducted by the Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association

  • Green Industry Show and Conference – Engaging Minds, Empowering Success
  • AGGA Garden Party – Networking program through a beautiful evening, including food and drinks
  • Nursery Producers Annual Function
  • Tailgate Party
  • The After Party
  • Meeting in the Mountains

🎖️ Awards presented

  • Landscape Awards
  • Service Awards

1️⃣ Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

Landscaping trade associations - cnla

It was founded in 1934 and has been a critical contributor to modern society in spreading awareness about landscaping and the new trends in the market. 

Events that CSLA keeps conducting are based on thorough research and discussions. They frequently plan many events to inform people about their landscape industry surroundings.

📅 CSLA upcoming events

  • Webinar – Divided by Design 2023
  • Webinar – Industrial Lands Walking Tour – Mt Pleasant Vancouver with Eric Aderneck
  • Scaling up finance for biodiversity: The critical role of cities and regions

🎖️ Awards and Honors

  • Governor General’s Medal in Landscape Architecture
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Recognition Awards
  • College of Fellows
  • National Urban Design Awards
  • Student Awards of Excellence

3️⃣  Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

Canadian society of landscape architects

Founded in 1922, the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association has vehemently supported the Landscape industry and its members. It is a non-profit organization that works elaborately on Horticulture for Sustainable Environment, improving Landscape Architecture, and creating Retail Garden Centres. 

📅 Events hosted by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

  • Landscape Ontario Congress
  • HortEast Annual Trade Show
  • Green Industry Show and Conference
  • Grow West Coast

🎓 The association conducts various training and certification programs

For instance:

  • Industry Certification
  • Clean Plants Certification
  • Accredited Landscape Horticulture Company
  • National Plant List 

🎖️ CNLA hosts many awards

Some of those are

  • 2023 Circle of Excellence – Landscape Design
  • 2023 Circle of Excellence – Commercial Landscape Maintenance 
  • 2023 Circle of Excellence – Commercial Landscape Construction

There are many more landscaping trade associations at the National and Regional levels. Let’s learn more about the Landscape Industry and the Trade Associations boosting it. Some industries are running parallel to this Landscape Industry. 

4️⃣  Landscape Ontario 

Landscape ontario

Landscape Ontario is a popular Horticulture trade association with 3,000 professional members. It is a wholly organized association wherein an elected body of the Provincial Board of Directors takes the lead in making the association more effective.

Landscape Ontario provides ample business development opportunities to its members through various consumer events, industry trade shows, cost-saving benefits, and conferences. 

Networking opportunities, education in the field, and professional development are the key focuses of this trade association. 

🌇 The Landscape Ontario has been divided into 11 main chapters

  • Durham
  • Georgian Lakelands
  • Golden Horseshoe
  • London
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Upper Canada
  • Waterloo
  • Windsor

🏞 Landscape Ontario has 11 sector groups

These are dedicated to working on and improving the specific areas of the landscape industry.

  • Designers 
  • Garden Centres
  • Ground Management
  • Growers/ Nursery 
  • Landscape Contractors 
  • Lawn Care
  • Interiorscape
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting 
  • Snow and Ice 

👥 Membership Plans

This trade association has divided the membership plans according to customer requirements:

  • Green Trade Membership –providing hard and soft landscape services
  • Green Trade Supplier Membership – rendering products and services to the trade industry
  • Individual Membership – providing networking for the members
  • Student / Educator Membership – Educating members about the Landscape/ Horticulture 

5️⃣ Landscape Alberta 

Landscape alberta

Landscape Alberta is one of the critical associations infusing professionalism in its members. This association creates and maintains business for ornamental horticulture. Landscape Alberta is supporting and representing 

  • the Landscape Contractors (Design, construction, and maintenance),  
  • Arborists, 
  • Lawn caretakers
  • Tree Nurseries
  • Garden Centres
  • Sod producers 
  • Suppliers of equipment, horticulture, landscape products, and business services

👥 Member Benefits

  • Financial Gains and Discounts: – The discounts are undoubtedly the best part of the financial gains. Also, the association provides training for monetary saving and some programs. 
  • Industry advocacy – supports the members in peak times and trains them in specific areas.
  • Professional Development – It is the foremost reason to join the organization. 
  • Networking

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♻️ Industries Interlinked with and Interdependent on the Landscape Industry

Though, at first glance, the other industries are a part of the big Landscape Industry. That is because, as humans, we go to any business with a preconceived notion. While digging more into the materialistic and realistic specifics of the other industries, we learn more about those industries.

Snow and Ice Management, Interiors, and the Lawn care industry are the closest to the Landscape industry, influencing it in many ways. 

Out of these, the Nursery and plantation sector has to be more accessible to the general public and should be attracting people from all walks of life. It is for increasing awareness of pollution and maintenance of temperature. 

Similarly, the Snow and Ice Management industry must be more technologically advanced. Landscape and Snow Management are interlinked and can be great supporters of each other if they advance together in leaps and bounds. 

It would be even more interesting to explore the two different industries of Snow and Ice Management and the Nursery Industry in detail. All these parallel-running industries will be explored in other write-ups. 

✳️ Conclusion 

With an expansive state, the landscape industry has many branches. Until one catches one strong branch with a firm grip, adjusting to the growing winds of change in the atmosphere is slightly tricky. 

The strong branches are the parts of the industry that sometimes represent an entire industry. But all are interlinked and interdependent. Joining any strong trade association would be a blessing for the people to grow their businesses.

Moreover, taking care of the environment along with professional and trained people will help save costs, save the environment, and create beautiful paradise-like places throughout Canada.

Opinions expressed within the content are solely the author’s and might not reflect the opinions and beliefs of Maplescapes or its affiliates.

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