Improve your Business Curb Appeal: 30 Awesome Ideas to Get You Going

Hello, esteemed members of the business community! I’m thrilled that you’re here, eager to explore the importance of the business curb appeal of your establishment. Trust me; this is a topic that directly impacts your success and deserves your attention. So, let’s dive in.

As Canadian entrepreneurs, we know that running a business comes with its fair share of challenges and responsibilities. One of the most crucial aspects that can make or break your business’s fortunes is the way it presents itself to the world – its external appearance. You can also call it “curb appeal”. 

Business curb appeal is the first impression that your potential customers get when they see your storefront, signage, landscaping, and overall exterior design. It can make or break their decision to enter your premises and do business with you. 

Just like a warm smile or a firm handshake leaves a lasting impression when meeting someone new, your business’s storefront plays a vital role in attracting customers and shaping their perception. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of storefront landscaping and share with you some exciting ideas to increase the curb appeal of your stores. So keep reading the following sections to dive deep into the topic!

🎭 Why Your Business’s External Appearance Matters:

In the fiercely competitive world of business, standing out from the crowd is essential. Your external appearance is your chance to make a bold statement, capturing the attention of potential customers amidst the sea of competitors. It’s like a storefront billboard that advertises your brand, products, and services 24/7. That’s why investing in commercial curb appeal is a smart move that can boost your sales, reputation, and customer loyalty.

Commercial curb appeal is the attractiveness and professionalism of your business exterior, which reflects your values, quality, and reliability.

📊 Stats That Speak Volumes

Before we delve into the benefits, let’s take a moment to consider some compelling statistics that emphasize the significance of your business’s external appearance:

-> According to a survey conducted by the Retail Council of Canada, 95% of customers believe that a store’s external appearance influences their decision to shop there.

-> In a study by Nielsen, 59% of consumers said they prefer to buy new products from familiar brands. A well-branded and visually appealing storefront helps build that familiarity and trust.

🧿 The Benefits of an Eye-Catching Storefront

Investing in a captivating external appearance for your business yields a multitude of benefits that directly impact your bottom line:

👣 Attracting More Foot Traffic:

An inviting and well-designed storefront acts like a magnetic force, drawing customers in and increasing foot traffic to your establishment. A visually appealing storefront can stop passersby in their tracks and pique their curiosity to explore further.

(✿◠ᴗ◠) Creating a Lasting Impression:

First impressions are powerful, and your external appearance is your first chance to impress potential customers. A well-maintained and visually appealing storefront leaves a positive and lasting impact on their minds.

🪪 Building Brand Identity:

Your storefront is a canvas to showcase your brand identity. By aligning the design, colours, and visuals with your brand, you create a consistent and memorable experience for your customers.

🔥 Boosting Customer Confidence:

A polished exterior reflects a well-run and professional business. When customers see that you take pride in your appearance, it instills confidence in the quality of your products or services.

⚡💲 Increasing Sales and Revenue:

More foot traffic, positive first impressions, and a strong brand identity all lead to one thing – increased sales and revenue. A visually appealing storefront can act as a silent salesperson, enticing customers to step inside and explore what you have to offer.

ヽ༼ ͠° ͟ ͜ʖ ͡° ༽ノ The Consequences of Neglecting Curb Appeal:

Now, let’s talk about the flip side. What happens when you neglect the external appearance of your business? It’s not a pretty picture:

🎯 Missed Opportunities: 

An unattractive storefront can discourage potential customers from entering, resulting in missed opportunities to convert them into loyal patrons.

🧐 Negative Customer Perception: 

Your external appearance directly influences how customers perceive your business. A run-down or neglected storefront may create a negative perception, impacting their trust and confidence in your brand.

🏃‍♀️ Losing Customers to Competitors: 

In today’s fast-paced world, customers have plenty of options. If your competitors have more visually appealing storefronts, they might lure customers away from you, even if your products or services are on par.

😓 Decreased Employee Morale and Productivity: 

Your storefront doesn’t just affect customers; it also impacts your employees. A shabby exterior can demotivate your team and affect their pride in their workplace, potentially impacting their productivity and job satisfaction.

So, my fellow business owners, it’s clear that your commercial curb appeal holds immense importance. Embracing a visually appealing storefront is a powerful way to attract more customers, boost sales, and create a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience.

As entrepreneurs, we understand the value of making smart investments in our businesses and investing in our business curb appeal is undoubtedly a wise move. One of the most effective ways to enhance your business curb appeal is to improve your storefront landscaping, which can add colour, texture, and freshness to your exterior.

Remember, your storefront is more than just a physical space; it’s a reflection of your brand’s personality and values. So, let’s take pride in our businesses and ensure our external appearance showcases the very best of what we have to offer. Let’s make our storefronts an inviting gateway to success in the competitive Canadian market!

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🌟 24 Ideas to Improve a Business Curb Appeal Using Landscaping

1. Living Walls

Create vertical gardens with lush plants and flowers that cover the store’s exterior, making a striking and eco-friendly statement. The UK-based retailer, Marks & Spencer, incorporated living walls in their storefronts, attracting eco-conscious customers and gaining positive media attention.

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DIY or Professional Help: Get hands-on with DIY for smaller living walls, expressing your green passion in a personal way. For larger, more eye-catching living walls, seek skilled landscapers to curate a striking, eco-friendly storefront. Professional assistance will ensure a visually stunning impression, attracting eco-conscious customers and earning positive media attention.

2. Creative Storefront Landscaping

Anthropologie’s creative storefront landscaping transforms entrances into inviting garden oases, using oversized planters with colourful flowers and natural materials to evoke whimsy. This enhances curb appeal, reinforcing the brand’s identity and engaging customers emotionally. The result: a memorable and immersive shopping experience.

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DIY or Professional: Try DIY with oversized planters and creative arrangements for a touch of charm. However, consulting professional landscapers can bring your vision to life for an elaborate oasis that perfectly reflects your brand.

3. Illuminated Pathways

Apple fifth ave hero

Install subtle lighting along pathways to guide customers at night. The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City features beautifully lit trails, making their store a prominent nighttime landmark.

DIY or Professional: Embrace your creativity with DIY for simple lighting installations. Consider collaborating with a lighting specialist to create a captivating nighttime landmark to achieve a stunning effect.

4. Window Garden Displays

Enhance window displays with small garden arrangements that showcase your products creatively. The luxury fashion brand, Hermès, incorporated chic window garden displays, captivating shoppers with a blend of fashion and nature.


DIY or Professional: Experiment with DIY for small and artistic displays that showcase your products. For a grand and eye-catching setup, seeking advice from a professional florist can add sophistication to your window arrangements.

5. Colourful Flower Borders

Plant vibrant flower borders along the storefront to add a pop of colour. Sephora, the beauty retailer, uses colourful flower borders that harmonize with their product offerings.

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DIY or Professional: Cultivate a personal touch with DIY for smaller flower borders. To make a vibrant statement that complements your store’s aesthetics, hiring a landscaper can ensure a seamless and beautiful design.

6. Sculpted Topiaries

Craft topiaries in eye-catching shapes to add an artistic touch. Disneyland resorts incorporate topiaries of beloved characters, adding a touch of whimsy to their storefronts.

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Get your hands dirty with DIY for basic topiaries, showcasing your creativity. For intricate and show-stopping topiaries that leave a lasting impression, collaborating with skilled topiary artists can elevate your storefront.

7. Integrated Seating

Integrate seating areas with landscaped spaces to encourage customers to linger. Starbucks coffee shops often have cozy outdoor seating surrounded by greenery, fostering a sense of community.

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DIY or Professional: Craft DIY seating areas with a cozy ambiance for a touch of warmth. A landscape architect can work wonders for an inviting and professionally-designed space that fosters community engagement.

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8. Artificial Turf

Consider using low-maintenance artificial turf for a lush and welcoming storefront. Some IKEA stores use artificial turf to create an inviting outdoor space for shoppers.

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DIY or Professional: Experience the ease of DIY for small, low-maintenance areas. Enlisting professional turf installers will ensure a polished finish when aiming for lush and sprawling turf that withstands foot traffic.

9. Green Entrances

Frame entrances with green archways or trellises adorned with climbing plants. The entrance of Ralph Lauren’s flagship store in New York City features a stunning green archway, setting a luxurious tone.

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DIY or Professional: Embark on a DIY adventure for charming trellises that align with your store’s theme. When desiring a breathtaking green archway that sets a luxurious tone, partnering with a skilled landscaper can make it a reality.

10. Festival-Based Decoration Through Brand Collaborations

Tiffany & Co.’s collaboration with Flowerbox, a flower delivery service, resulted in a captivating pop-up shop just in time for Valentine’s Day. By transforming a subway car into an urban garden, the luxury jeweller enhanced its business curb appeal and attracted more customers. The partnership offered a thoughtful menu of floral options, co-branded packaging, and a memorable shopping experience. 

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For business owners seeking to boost sales and enhance their business curb appeal during special occasions, strategic partnerships with florists and gardening companies can be a winning strategy, creating eye-catching displays and elevating customer experiences.

DIY or Professional: Personalize small festival decorations with DIY for a unique touch. Collaborate with skilled florists and event planners for more significant events to create captivating presentations that reflect your brand’s uniqueness. Cultivate personalized strategic partnerships, choosing DIY or professional help based on the event’s scale for memorable storefront celebrations.

15 Quick Ideas to Boost Business Curb Appeal:

11. Colourful Awnings

Install vibrant awnings that complement your brand’s colour palette.

The grand palais colourful canopy 05

12. Chalkboard Signs

Use chalkboard signs to display daily specials and promotions.

Img 9369 copy

13. Window Vinyl

Apply vinyl decals on storefront windows to showcase products or offers. Custom window decals help catch the eyes of customers.

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14. Bold Entrance Lighting

Use bold, modern lighting fixtures to highlight the entrance.

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15. Unique Facade Materials

Experiment with creative facade materials like reclaimed wood or metal.

Yellow geometric store front

16. Digital Displays

Implement interactive digital displays to engage passersby.

Led storefront display sigange

17. Street Art

Commission local artists to create street art on your storefront.


18. Unique Window Shapes

Design custom window shapes to stand out from neighbouring stores.

Paint speckled building

19. Creative Planters

Use unconventional planters, like vintage suitcases or barrels, for a charming touch.

Creative garden container ideas featured homebnc

20. Hanging Gardens

Hang cascading planters from awnings or ceilings for a vertical garden effect.

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21. LED Neon Lights

Use LED neon lights to create eye-catching signage.


22. Metal Grilles

Install decorative metal grilles or screens for an upscale look.

Security grilles doors overhead door edmonton

23. Vintage Signage

Embrace vintage signage for a nostalgic and unique storefront.

Depositphotos 83904342 stock illustration vintage shop signs collection

24. Business Logo Sculptures

Create 3D sculptures of your logo for a bold statement.


By incorporating these storefront landscaping ideas, businesses can create memorable and enticing experiences that attract customers, boost foot traffic, and ultimately drive business growth.

Remember to tailor these ideas to your specific brand and location, and most importantly, have fun expressing your creativity in captivating your audience.

🚀 14 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Business Curb Appeal

As a Canadian business owner, you understand the importance of a captivating storefront that attracts customers and creates a lasting impression. To elevate your business curb appeal, we present a carefully curated collection of ideas tailored to the Canadian market. These ideas encompass landscaping-related strategies and seven other crucial elements that will set your storefront apart and resonate with the Canadian target audience.

1. Sustainability Signage

Timber fin bamboo

Convey your commitment to eco-friendliness with informative sustainability signage. Highlighting initiatives like rainwater collection and energy-efficient lighting shows customers that your business takes environmental responsibility seriously, aligning with their values.

Craft captivating signage that sparks curiosity from afar. Think bold and stylish, inviting passersby to explore the magic that lies beyond the entrance. A well-designed sign is your business’s magnetic charm, drawing in potential customers like moths to a flame.

2. Creative Window Displays

Craft captivating window displays that tell a story about your products or services. In the Canadian market, artistic and imaginative window displays can draw potential customers inside, leaving a lasting impression and increasing foot traffic.


3. Seasonal Decorations

Embrace the Canadian spirit by adorning your storefront with festive decorations that align with holidays and seasonal motifs. Celebrating the changing seasons resonates with your customers, creating an inviting and festive atmosphere.


4. Warm Seating Areas

Create a welcoming space with inviting seating featuring plush cushions and cozy blankets. In Canada’s often chilly climate, warm seating areas outside your storefront invite customers to relax and enjoy the ambiance, making your business a preferred destination.

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5. Local Art Installations

Infuse your storefront with artistry through collaborations with local talents. Customers appreciate businesses that support local artists, creating a vibrant and culturally enriched experience.

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6. Interactive Elements

Engage customers with interactive elements like touch screens or digital displays that provide valuable information about your products or services. The tech-savvy market appreciates innovative and interactive experiences that enhance their shopping journey.

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7. Corporate Social Responsibility

Demonstrate your commitment to the community with displays showcasing your involvement in charitable initiatives. Canadian customers value businesses that give back, making your storefront attractive.


By embracing these tailored ideas, your storefront will resonate with the target audience, stand out from the competition, and create a memorable and captivating experience for customers. Elevate your business curb appeal, foster customer loyalty, and drive success in the market.

8. Window Display as your storytelling platform

Unleash your creativity through mesmerizing window displays. Share the story of your brand and its offerings, leaving everyone yearning to step into your enchanting world. Your windows will become the canvas of imagination that beckons eager shoppers.

Retail storytelling through curation 848x550 1

9. Be Tech-savvy

Integrate interactive elements that elevate the shopping experience to new heights. Engage customers with touch screens and digital displays, providing valuable information and fun surprises. The tech-savvy crowd will flock to your store for the modern-day magic you offer.

Retail tech 1116

10. Create a Welcoming Ambience At the Entrance

Create a welcoming ambiance with warm, inviting lighting that bathes your storefront in a cozy glow. Day or night, your store will exude a sense of comfort and familiarity, encouraging customers to step inside and experience the wonders within.

Img 6146

11. Host Exciting Events At Your Storefront

Pace athletic5

Host exciting events and exclusive promotions that create a buzz in the town. Your storefront becomes the center of attention, attracting crowds eager to partake in the festivities and take advantage of irresistible deals.

12. Make People Aware Of Your Online Presence

Breathe life into your store’s presence with online integration. Invite customers to explore your digital realm for exclusive offers and sneak peeks. The seamless blend of digital and physical creates a captivating journey for shoppers.


13. – > Hire customer-friendly staff

Your welcoming staff creates a lasting impression. With a friendly smile and helpful demeanour, they become the guiding stars for customers exploring your store. The personal touch leaves a warm memory that draws them back again and again.

14. – > Embrace Sustainability In Daily Operations 

Embrace sustainability with eco-friendly practices and initiatives. Show your commitment to environmental responsibility through informative displays. Eco-conscious customers will be drawn to your store, knowing that you share their values and aspirations.

With these incredible storefront upgrade tips, your business will become a beacon of charm and allure. Each element reflects the uniqueness of your brand and connects with customers on a deeper level. Elevate your storefront’s magic and watch as foot traffic soars, making your business a cherished destination for all!

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💭 Final Thoughts

We draw to the close of this exhilarating journey, and I want to applaud your commitment to transforming your storefronts into captivating havens that beckon customers with open arms. You’ve discovered the secrets of crafting an enchanting business curb appeal that tells your brand’s unique story and captivates the hearts of passersby.

As you continue on your path to success, remember that the journey is as rewarding as the destination. Embrace change, celebrate uniqueness, and let your storefront’s magic shine through in every corner.

So, dear business owners: here’s to a future filled with excitement, inspiration, and endless possibilities. Your storefronts are now more than just places of commerce; they can very well be destinations of wonder and enchantment.

Happy Landscaping!

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