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The Best Nursery Gift Cards from Premier Garden Centres Across Canada

Nurseries are vibrant hubs for plant enthusiasts, drawing in both gardening enthusiasts and green thumbs amidst the tapestry of Canada’s varied landscapes. We list an exquisite selection of the best nursery gift cards from premier nurseries nationwide as we delve into the booming world of horticulture.

These nurseries offer more than just plants; they are a haven for people who find comfort and happiness in the loving embrace of nature strewn across the grand mountains of British Columbia and the charming landscapes of Ontario.

What difference does a gift card from a nursery make?

Giving a thoughtful gift card to a nursery is a gesture that is appropriate for any age or occasion. This unusual gift is best for birthdays and housewarmings or a colleague’s recognition, and it’s ideal for anyone who enjoys the beauty of nature.

It makes a flexible gift for anyone who loves plants or is unfamiliar with them.

Everyone can embark on a leafy adventure with the promise of a greener, more vibrant space, regardless of their experience level in gardening. Hence, a nursery gift card is the ideal way to spread joy and botanical charm for a happy occasion or a loved one’s birthday.

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TERRA Greenhouses Nursery Gift Cards

With locations throughout Ontario, TERRA Grееnhousеs provides a sanctuary for horticulturists. With thеir gift cards, you can choose from an еxtеnsivе assortmеnt of prеmium plants, gardеning suppliеs, and homе accеnts.

Gift cards from TERRA Grееnhousеs arе thе idеal way to еxprеss your gratitudе to thе pеoplе in your lifе who еnjoy gardеning. Thеsе flеxiblе cards allow thеm to sеlеct from a variety of options, such as:

  • Prеmium Plants: Satisfy thеir lovе of grееnеry with an assortmеnt of prеmium plants, ranging from colourful orchids and lush succulеnts to unusual cacti and aromatic hеrbs. 
  • Gardеning Suppliеs: Equip thеir gardеning projects with nеcеssary implеmеnts, containеrs, and add-ons. Thеrе is somеthing for еvеry grееn thumb, from chic watеring cans and glovеs to cutting-еdgе growing systеms and practical gardеning books.

To add to thе special touchеs and gift-giving possibilitiеs that TERRA Grееnhousеs providеs, your еxpеriеncе giving gifts will bе еvеn morе unforgеttablе.

Terra greenhouse gift cards

Givе a thoughtful touch to your gift by surprising your lovеd onеs with a pеrsonalizеd gift card. With TERRA Grееnhousеs’ corporatе gifting options, you can show your staff, cliеnts, or businеss partnеrs how much you appreciate thеm.

Address:  2273 Halton Regional Rd 5, Burlington, ON L7P 0N1, Canada

Get in touch with TERRA Greenhouse

Contact info: 905-689-4073.

GardenWorks Nursery

For over 40 years, the Hamilton, Ontario, area has been served by the family-run garden center GardenWorks.

GardenWorks is a comprehensive gardening destination with locations throughout British Columbia. Gift cards from GardenWorks Nursery make thoughtful and useful presents for gardeners of all skill levels.

Add a dash of organic beauty to their dwellings. Look through a carefully chosen assortment of handcrafted ceramics, ornamental planters, one-of-a-kind garden sculptures, and other home décor items influenced by nature’s allure.

GardenWorks Nursery provides a range of unique features and gift-giving choices to enhance the significance of your gift.

With GardenWorks Nursery’s corporate gifting program, you can give the gift of gardening to your staff, clients, or business associates.

Garden works nursery gift cards

GardenWorks Nursery offers sophisticated and environmentally sustainable gift-wrapping services. Let them handle the wrapping for you.

Address: 6250 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5B 2Z9, Canada

Get in touch with GardenWorks Nursery

Contact info: (905) 572-7562

Serres St-Élie

In Saint-Élie-de-Beauce, Quebec, Serres St-Élie has been a well-known nursery for over 50 years, producing flowering plants and hardy perennials.

They are a haven for home gardeners and landscaping enthusiasts because of their vast collection of plants, which are carefully chosen for their ability to withstand the harsh Quebec climate.

Serres St-Élie gift cards are a great way to spread the love of gardening to people of all skill levels. With the help of these adaptable cards, you can enjoy a variety of horticultural delights, such as:

  • Exploring various perennials, which are renowned for their tenacity and enduring beauty.
  • With a vast assortment to fit any garden style and preference, Serres St-Élie offers everything from vivid blooms to lush foliage. 

Serres St-Élie provides a range of unique features and gift-giving choices to enhance the significance of your gift.

Serra st elie garden centre gift cards

With Serres St-Élie’s corporate gifting program, you can give the gift of gardening to your staff, clients, or business associates.

Serres St-Élie offers tasteful and environmentally friendly gift-wrapping services. Let them handle the wrapping for you.

Serres St-Élie gift cards are invitations to discover the gardening world, develop creativity, and create a closer bond with the natural world rather than just tokens of appreciation.

Contact info: (418) 387-2522

Website: Serres St-Elie

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Blue Grass Nursery

Known for its premium plants and landscaping services, Blue Grass Nursery serves Calgary and surrounding areas (Red deer, Edmonton). With a gift card from this site, recipients can add beautiful plants to their outdoor areas.

Blue Grass Nursery is well-known in Calgary for its premium plants and landscaping offerings. With the help of these gift cards, recipients can enhance their outdoor areas with high-quality plants and landscaping.

Blue grass nursery garden centre gift card

Address: 2625 90 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 3B9, Canada

Get in touch with Blue Grass Nursery

Contact Info: 403-226-0468

Phoenix Evergreens

Unique and rare plants are the specialty of Phoenix Perennials, a Richmond-based company.

Their gift cards provide an entry point to a fantastic assortment of succulents, perennials, and garden accents.

Pheonix evergreens gift card

Richmond’s Phoenix Perennials is an expert in unusual and rare plants. With gift cards, one can expand their collection of exceptional perennials, succulents, and garden accents.

Address: 2625 90 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 3B9, Canada

Get in touch with Phoenix Perennials

Contact info: 604-270-4133

Campbell’s Nursery

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Campbell’s Nursery is a garden center run and owned by a family. A large assortment of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees are available at the nursery.

Gift cards from Campbell’s Nursery can be used for any item in the store, including flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, gardening supplies, and more. The gift cards are suitable for an entire year after that date.

Campbells nursery gift card

Address: 310 Carleton Dr #150, St. Albert, AB T8N 7L3, Canada.

Get in touch with Campbell’s Nursery

Contact info:  (403) 250-9447, 1200 24

The Greenery Garden Centre Gift Cards

 Well-known in the community for its wide range of plants, The Greenery Garden Centre serves Kelowna. Using a gift card from The Greenery makes adding high-quality plants and garden accents to outdoor areas possible.

The greenery nursery egift cards

The large selection of plants at Kelowna’s Greenery Garden Centre makes it a local favourite. These gift cards are ideal for adding high-quality plants and garden accessories to your outdoor spaces.

Address: 2507 Longhill St Kelowna, BC V1V 2G5 Canada

Get in touch with Greenery Garden

Contact info: 250-762-7411


In conclusion, plant enthusiasts can choose from various distinctive options at these nurseries in Canada, and their gift cards also make thoughtful and adaptable presents.

These gift cards open up a world of possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts and green thumbs alike, whether it’s rare plants, gardening tools, or landscaping services.

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