Landscaping Nonprofits & Lawn Care Charities

Landscaping Nonprofits play a significant role in transforming green spaces as donations aid charitable lawn care, thus fulfilling the social responsibilities of the corporate sector. Let’s discover some top organizations responsible for or somewhat who are carrying on this Nobel initiative.

Corporate sectors meet their social responsibility needs with the significant help of nonprofit organizations.

As many companies donate to these nonprofits, they become eligible for a tax deduction, a major reason companies invest their money in these non-profit organizations.

Nonprofits could be related to many sectors; here we’ll discuss nonprofits in the landscaping industry, the organizations that donate for charitable lawn mowing & lawn care and how you can check the nonprofit status of a company.

❓ What is a landscaping nonprofit?

Nonprofit organizations, also known as charities, are the ones that help the community, support various important social and global causes and add value to society.

They are funded by companies who donate a sum of their profit to these charitable organizations to claim a tax deduction from the government. With these donations’ help, landscaping nonprofits conduct various activities that aim to benefit the community.

This also includes taking care of the landscapes. Nonprofit lawn care helps people who are incapable or cannot afford professional lawn care services.

πŸ” Top Landscaping Nonprofits

Many landscaping charities are dedicated to providing lawn care services to people in need; among these are:

πŸ’― We Are Raising Men

An initiative that provides nonprofit lawn care services to the age-old, disabled, single mothers and veterans.

They conduct a 50-yard challenge for the age group of 8-17, where the children must cut and groom 50 lawns in their locality for the elderly, disabled, single parent or veteran.

Upon completion of the challenge, they visit the child personally, present them with brand-new lawn mowing equipment and promote nonprofit landscaping.

We are raising men landscaping nonprofit

-> Why should you donate to We Are Raising Men?

  • They work for people in need, like seniors, the disabled, single parents and veterans, by mowing their lawns for free.
  • They include the active participation of the kids of age group 8-17; thus, they also, in a way, inculcate the feeling of generosity in them that teaches our kids to be always ready to step forward for a noble cause.
  • They are a registered nonprofit; you can claim a donation tax deduction. All their donations are used to gather and maintain lawn mowing equipment, gas, and prepare snacks and lunches for the kids taking up the 50-yard challenge.

πŸ’― I Want to Mow Your Lawn

A nonprofit organization established in 2020 during the pandemic to help the elderly, veterans and under-resourced people to mow their lawns.

It currently has over 450 volunteers across 46 states. With this organization’s help, it has covered over 2,000 lawns.

With the help of media coverage, the volunteer count has increased over four times within a year since 2021.

I want to mow your lawn lawn care charity

Their grassroots movement includes people from diverse backgrounds like college students, working professionals, recent retirees, landscape contractors and socially aware companies who all work together on the frontline and backstage.

-> Why should you donate to I Want to Mow Your Lawn

  • They provide free lawn mowing services to the elderly, disabled, and needy.
  • They not only focus on making the lawns look good but also encourage using battery-powered equipment to maintain a cleaner environment.
  • Donors can claim a tax deduction for their contributions as they are an authentic nonprofit organization.
  • They provide mental relief to people grieving their loved ones in their final days.

πŸ’― Lawn busters

It is a volunteer lawn care service that provides nonprofit landscaping services to the elderly and disabled who struggle to manage their lawns alone.

The Lawnbuster community program matches the suitable candidates with the volunteer who offers to cut the lawn.

Individuals, couples, groups or families could volunteer for the program. Volunteers below 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parents.

Strathcona County residents with a working lawn mower, have a net annual family income of not more than $29,285 and are physically unable or do not have anyone in the family to maintain the lawn are eligible to become the client and benefit from this program.

Lawn busters nonproft

-> Why should you donate to Lawnbusters?

  • They work towards helping the elderly, disabled and financially incapable individuals to mow their lawns.
  • Since they are a registered nonprofit, by donating to Lawnbusters, you can claim additional tax benefits.
  • 100 percent of the donations are used towards educational workshops and training.

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🏫 Landscaping Educational Charities

Imagine Canada” and “Project Evergreen” are educational charities that also help enhance public spaces through charitable lawn care and help educate people about the positive impacts of nonprofits on the Canadian landscaping industry. Their main goal is to strengthen other charities and nonprofits to serve individuals and communities better.

What does Giving back to the people look like?

Creative roots landscaping

  • Creative Roots happens to be one of British Columbia’s leading landscape design companies that commit to delivering excellent work, focusing on details and the overall needs of their clients.
  • Every year, they donate a minimum of $1000 each to two of the local charities around June and December.
  • They donate $1000 for the β€œCreative Roots Landscaping Growing Opportunities Bursary” via Central Okanagan Bursary and Scholarship Society for a local graduating student.
  • Through their inspiring “Yard Angel” scheme, they devote themselves to providing expert landscaping service to a local Kelowna resident in need who, due to any illness or suffering, are not in a state to care for their yards.

Criteria for the nomination of an individual for the Yard Angel scheme

  • The recipient must be a Kelowna resident.
  • They must be incapable of catering to their lawn needs.
  •  They must have a yard that is in need of landscaping.

βœ… Conclusion

Lawn care charities canada conclusion

All in all, charitable landscaping companies in Canada, including “Lawnbusters,” “I Want to Mow Your Lawn,” and “We Are Raising Men,” are fundamental for working on green areas and providing free yard care to individuals in need.

Corporate donations support these projects since they comprehend the opportunity to add to society while at the same time getting tax reductions.

These charities upgrade the local area’s prosperity by aiding veterans, single parents, more established individuals, and those with disabilities.

“Project Evergreen” and “Imagine Canada,” two education-focused nonprofits, enhance public spaces and educate the general public about the advantages of nonprofit initiatives for the Canadian landscaping industry.

By confirming a company’s status as a charity through the CRA Charities Listings or websites like “VolunteerMatch,” Canadians can ensure their contributions are directed toward legitimate and beneficial endeavours.

Eventually, the cooperation between the foundation and business areas shows that it is essential to produce significant change and reinforce the social texture of Canadian communities.

πŸ«‚ FAQs

How and Where can you check the nonprofit status of a company?

Volunteer match website

You can find out whether a company is nonprofit in Canada by searching for it in the CRA Charities Listings. This online database contains information regarding a registered charity’s nonprofit status, activities, and finances.
The official website of the CRA contains this information. Input the association’s name or enlistment number to check its status.
Furthermore, you can utilize stages like “volunteer match” to look for legitimate enrolled charitable organizations.

Can Canadian companies claim a deduction when they donate?

Canadian organizations can guarantee tax benefits while donating to nonprofit associations in Canada. Due to the availability of tax credits for donations made to officially recognized organizations, businesses are encouraged to support social or global causes.

How to Find Canadian Companies Registered as a Non-Profit or a Charity?

Use or find some of the lawn care charities in this article to find what you need.

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