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BEST Landscaping insurance service providers in Canada

Insurance is your silent partner in the exciting world of Canadian landscaping, protecting you from unforeseen difficulties.

It can be challenging to navigate the insurance market when costs rise. Don’t worry; we’ve curated a list of Canada’s top landscaping insurance companies for you.

These insurers, who create policies specifically for you, offer more than just insurance; they act as a barrier against your enthusiasm and hard work.

Create a business environment where your green dreams can come true, all under the protection of these dependable and compassionate insurance partners.

Increasing Landscaper Insurance Costs in Canada

In Canada, landscaper insurance prices have risen quickly in the last few years. It is caused by several things, such as:

The growing Expense of lawsuits: Property damage and personal injury lawsuits against landscapers are becoming more common. Things like extensive machinery usage and the dangers on construction sites bring it on.

The landscaping industry is getting more complicated daily due to the constant development of new technologies and methods. Due to this complexity, insurers are becoming more challenging to evaluate the risks associated with landscaping businesses.

The rising frequency of extreme weather events: In Canada, natural disasters like floods and wildfires are happening more frequently. Property damage from these occurrences can be considerable, and insurance companies are accounting for this in their rates.

The domino effect of rising lawn care insurance costs

Due to these issues, it has become more difficult for landscapers to find insurance at reasonable rates, and some have been forced to cancel their policies altogether. It has resulted in several unfavorable outcomes, such as homeowners who depend on landscapers for services like snow removal and lawn maintenance are now paying more.

Decreased competition: New landscapers are now finding it more challenging to enter the market due to the rising insurance cost. As a result, there is less competition, which raises consumer prices.

Job losses: The rising insurance cost has forced some landscapers to fire staff members. The Canadian economy has suffered as a result.

Leading Canadian landscaping insurance companies

1. Hiscox Canada

When looking for landscaping insurance, Canadian businesses can trust Hiscox. They are committed to providing specialized coverage and are aware of the particular hazards faced by the sector. The ease of use of Hiscox’s online platform enables landscapers to quickly and effectively explore and secure the required coverage.

Website: Hiscox Canada

2. Nationwide

As a reliable insurance provider, Nationwide has a well-established reputation. Their extensive services, which offer peace of mind and financial stability, are available to landscaping companies in Canada. Nationwide has a history of providing individualized solutions to landscapers to safeguard their environmentally conscious projects.

Website: Nationwide

3. Aflac

Known for its creative insurance solutions, Aflac now offers landscaping services in Canada. In addition to standard coverage, Aflac’s supplemental policies can offer landscapers extra financial assistance in unforeseen circumstances, adding a remarkable degree of security for employers and staff.

Website: Aflac

4. TD Insurance

The reputable financial company TD Insurance understands the unique requirements of landscapers in Canada. By offering various coverage options, TD Insurance hopes to streamline the insurance application process so that landscapers can concentrate on growing their companies with peace of mind.

Website: TD Insurance

5. HUB International

 In Canada, HUB International is the go-to source for complete landscaping insurance options. With a broad network and in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the industry, HUB offers customized coverage to protect companies from the ever-changing risks associated with the landscaping industry.

Website: HUB International

6. HortProtect People Corporation and Marsh Canada

A joint venture between People Corporation and Marsh Canada, HortProtect is a specialty insurance product for the landscaping and horticultural sectors. Green businesses will receive insurance solutions tailored to their needs through this partnership, guaranteeing a unique understanding of their challenges.

Website: HortProtect

7. Gallagher’s Canada

 Gallagher’s presence in Canada enriches the landscape of landscaping insurance with abundant experience. Dedicated to client satisfaction and risk management, Gallagher offers various insurance options that guarantee their success in a safe and secure setting to meet the varied needs of landscaping companies.

Website: Gallagher Canada

8. W.H. Scrivens & Son Limited

Since its founding, W.H. Scrivens & Son Limited has played a significant role in the Canadian insurance industry. They bring decades of experience to the table and specialize in various insurance services, including coverage for landscaping businesses. Their dedication to providing individualized service and extensive industry knowledge establishes them as a dependable partner for companies looking for insurance solutions.

Website: W.H. Scrivens & Son Limited

9. TS Benefit Solutions

TS Benefit Solutions is committed to offering businesses in Canada complete benefits packages, which include insurance services. TS Benefit Solutions provides customized coverage emphasizing the requirements of various industries, such as landscaping, to guarantee that companies and their staff get the required assistance.

Website: TS Benefit Solutions

10. Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services

Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services is a well-known and trustworthy name in the financial and insurance industries. Their all-encompassing strategy includes attending to business insurance requirements and focusing on comprehending the landscaping sector’s obstacles. They offer specialized insurance solutions dedicated to quality to safeguard companies in the changing market.

Website: Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services

11. Lyon & Butler Insurance Brokers Ltd

An established brokerage serving various industries, including landscaping, is Lyon & Butler Insurance Brokers Ltd. Their customized insurance solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of businesses operating in the dynamic landscape industry and strongly emphasize fostering strong client relationships.

Website: Lyon & Butler Insurance Brokers Ltd.

12. HUB Sinclair Cockburn International

Bringing worldwide experience to the Canadian insurance market, HUB Sinclair Cockburn International is a member of the HUB International network. Focusing on risk management and insurance solutions, they provide landscaping businesses with extensive coverage, guaranteeing that their clients receive excellent service supported by a wealth of industry knowledge.

Website: HUB Sinclair Cockburn International

Insurance Brokers

For entrepreneurs, navigating the complex world of business insurance can be difficult. Luckily, many tools are available to assist companies in comparing quotes from different insurance companies, selecting a better fit, and learning essential business insurance information.

Speak with insurance brokers is a great place to start. These experts serve as a go-between for companies and insurance companies.

They can assist businesses in locating the best coverage based on their unique requirements because they have a wealth of knowledge about the insurance industry.

Brokers can negotiate better prices on behalf of their clients and frequently have access to a large variety of insurance products.

You can use these internet directories to locate an insurance broker in Canada:

The national organization that represents the interests of the Canadian insurance industry is called the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). They have a website with a list of Canadian insurance brokers.

  • Phone: 1-800-563-4222

The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (CAIB): Another association for Canadian insurance brokers is the CAIB. They have a directory of CAIB members on their website.

  • Phone: 1-416-367-1831

Online Comparison Tools

You can expedite the process of locating the appropriate coverage by making use of online resources that are dedicated to comparing insurance companies.

With these tools, companies can input their needs and get quotes from several insurers, making it easier to compare prices and coverage specifics side by side. It helps companies to make well-informed decisions according to their needs and budget.

Few comparison websites can be used to obtain online quotes for landscaping insurance. This website lets you compare quotes from several insurance companies and is available in Canada. This website compares quotes from several insurance companies and is another Canadian insurance comparison service.


Making the most of the resources at your disposal is crucial in the complicated world of lawn care business insurance.

Businesses can confidently navigate the complexities with the help of industry associations that offer insights specific to their sector and insurance brokerages that offer personalized guidance.

Online resources and government tools make comparisons more accessible, and customer reviews provide real-world insights.

By using instructional resources, companies can be sure they are up to date.

By combining these various resources, business owners can make well-informed choices and obtain a customized shield to meet their specific requirements in addition to insurance coverage.

Because of this cooperative approach, businesses can prosper because a thorough and well-thought-out insurance base safeguards them.

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