Review and editorial disclosure

Review Methodology and objective

  1. Objective and Fact-Based Testing:
    • Our team of experts conducts hands-on testing of software and platforms to provide accurate and unbiased recommendations.
    • We evaluate real-world performance and capabilities for businesses in the landscaping industry considering features, usability, pricing, and more.
    • Our testing process includes:
      • Features evaluation
      • Usability assessment
      • Customer support evaluation
      • Additional evaluation points specific to landscaping services (e.g., design quality, plant selection, maintenance advice)
      • Evaluation of use cases based on experience and knowledge of the landscaping and lawn care industry.
      • Our recommendations are backed by rigorous first-hand testing and verification.
  2. Critical Evaluation and Hands-On Testing:
    • We assign a dedicated reviewer who examines the platform in depth.
    • The evaluation process is unique to landscaping services, considering specific data points relevant to landscaping.
    • We leave no stone unturned to provide objective evaluations in every landscaping category we cover.
  3. Balanced and Authoritative Evaluations:
    • Our direct experience in the industry allows us to write authoritative, balanced reviews.
    • We highlight both advantages and disadvantages, ensuring transparency for our readers.
    • Our reviews cover all aspects of landscaping services, including design, installation, maintenance, and customer support.
  4. Thorough Research and Objective Data:
    • Our testing is further supported by thorough research and objective data from our in-house tools.
    • We consider user feedback, industry standards, and best practices in landscaping.
    • Our goal is to provide reliable and trustworthy information to help readers make informed decisions about landscaping services.

Reviews vs Money and affiliate disclosure

Money in any way does not influence any of our reviews of the platform.

We might get a commission if you purchase by clicking a link on the site but it doesn’t affect the price that you buy. Sometimes a vendor might pay us to review their products but it is our core value to operate with integrity, so we never let the vendor influence our reviews.

All the content on the site is to help you grow your business, so Maplescapes never acts in a manner that undermines your ability to do so. All of our content comes from experience and all of our reviews are genuine based on real-world usage.

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