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Leslie’s Pool Service

Founded in 1963 in North Hollywood, California, Leslie’s Pool Service has become a trusted name in the pool and spa care industry. As the only direct-to-customer brand with a national presence, Leslie’s boasts over 930 stores across the United States, along with a robust e-commerce site. Whether you’re a residential pool owner or manage a larger facility, Leslie’s offers a comprehensive range of services to keep your pool in top shape.

Services Offered

  1. Installation Services:
    • Pools and spas involve complex machinery, and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. When installation tasks become too much to handle, Leslie’s Service Department steps in. Their professionally trained technicians are well-versed in installing every major pool and spa system. For instance:
      • Pump Installation: Pumps are essential for circulating and maintaining clean water. Leslie’s experts ensure proper pump installation to prevent issues like algae and debris buildup.
      • Gas Heater Installation: Extend your swimming season with gas heaters. Leslie’s technicians handle the intricate installation process, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort.
  2. Repair & Maintenance Services:
    • When your pool equipment malfunctions, Leslie’s experts are just a call away. They specialize in repairing major equipment, including pumps and heaters.
    • Beyond repairs, Leslie’s offers additional services:
      • Plumbing Line Clearing: If your pool water remains cloudy, blocked or clogged plumbing lines might be the culprit. Leslie’s clears these lines to maintain efficient circulation.
      • Pool Opening & Closing (Winterizing): Properly opening your pool for summer or closing it for winter is crucial. Leslie’s technicians handle these time-consuming tasks with precision and safety.
  3. Commercial Pool Services:
    • Leslie’s commitment extends beyond residential pools. They also serve larger facilities, ensuring that commercial pools and spas receive the same expert care and attention.

Quality Assurance

Leslie’s takes pride in its courteous and professionally trained service technicians. As qualified Leslie’s employees, they guarantee customer satisfaction. Whether you need routine maintenance, troubleshooting, or complex installations, Leslie’s Pool Service Department is your reliable partner in pool and spa care.

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2005 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85016
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Business model
Leslie’s operates through retail stores and an online platform.

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